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   Chapter 398 Incompetent Mother And Son (Part Two)

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As if he wasn't angry enough, Jill's crying managed to make Horace lose his composure. Instead of placating him, it just fanned the flame even more, to the point that he couldn't take it anymore.

Watching his parents as they were having an argument was nothing new to Lionel, but for the very first time, Horace mentioned the word 'divorce.' Never in his life had he expected his father to say something so cruel to his mother, it made him feel like everything was falling apart.

Down on his knees in front of Horace, Lionel's eyes welled up with tears.

"Dad! I'm so sorry, Dad! It's all my fault. Yes, I did it! Mom had nothing to do with it. Please don't say something like that. Please take it back!"

Lionel felt a chill running down his spine. If Horace were to really get divorced to Jill, there would be nothing left for him, and he wouldn't have a place in the Tang family anymore.

Indeed, Rufus being the head of the TY Group might be a bad thing for him, but that wasn't necessarily the case for Horace.

In the past, Horace had brought up something to Lionel about how he wished to find a capable businessman to invest in the Tang Group in order to help the company acquire enough shares in the market in just a short period of time. Unfortunately, they had seen no progress in regards to that.

Given that Rufus was the chairman of the TY Group, he could've shelled out some funds to invest in the Tang Group with ease. But if that happened, Lionel would end up losing whatever meager power he had left in the Tang family.

At the thought of that, Lionel was forced to take desperate measures and own up to his oversights and somehow beg Horace f

y were getting along so well, and all of those pleasantries, every bit of it was just an act! No wonder Lionel couldn't handle such a manipulative woman!

"Dim-witted brainless idiots, the two of you!"

Raging with anger, Horace kept shaking his head. He gritted his teeth and glared at Jill and Lionel intensely, who both were weeping on the ground, thinking about busting their heads open to check if they were indeed empty.

"Because of that stupid fifty million you stole, Rufus had been forced to leave the Tang Group. And now it doesn't make any difference even if we found out that he is the head of the TY Group, because we have already caused him so much disgrace that there's no way he'd ever come to our aid again! The only thing you've ever really been good at is wasting my money and my valuable time! Haven't you realized by now how the Tang Group has been thrown into disarray and squeezed out of the market because of its competition with the Dawn Star Group?!"

With his face flushed entirely red, Horace was burning with intense rage to the extent that he had trouble catching his breath.

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