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   Chapter 396 The Chairman Of The TY Group

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Clark had rushed back after spending time overseas and was now delighted to be reunited with Cassandra.

Cassandra, however, was far from happy. She was in no state to go for a walk with him; instead, she feigned having a headache by cradling her head in her hands.

"I'm tired. Maybe some other time."

She didn't even wait for Clark's response before she strode towards her room. After shutting the door behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her eyes darted to the window subconsciously.

'Since Clark is here today, Rufus may not come, ' Cassandra thought.

She drew the curtains over the window making the room feel claustrophobic.

'Why has Rufus not shared such an important matter?' He was the founder and the chairman of TY Group, but he still fabricated a portfolio to conceal his identity from the Tang family.

'Why did he do this? Was he just keeping a profile low, or did he deliberately hide it?'

She kept awake, tossing in her bed all night because, in her heart, she knew Rufus wouldn't come. And he didn't.

Stella had become the right hand of Cassandra. Being a pro at public relations, she had swiftly, and efficiently, helped her arrange everything. With everything in order, Cassandra felt much more relaxed.

The only thing that bothered her was that she hadn't seen Rufus for quite some days. A dark shadow was cast by murky clouds in her heart. The gloom was so burdensome, that she found it difficult to breathe.

Meanwhile, Stella would intermittently speak negatively about Rufus which added further pressure onto Cassandra.

"Cassandra, Rufus is not your type! Why can't you ever consider Clark? I really don't understand the appeal of a man who is engaged to another woman!"

Stella kept nagging Cassandra in the hope that she would marry Clark at the earliest and finally become settled in life.

All Cassandra could do was listen in silence. There was no way she could argue back.

If a relationship could be dictated rationally, there was no reason for her to suffer through such trials and tribulations.

In the meantime, in a secret room, Arthur looked at Clark in shock.

"Mr. Ji, you mean, to create hostility between the Tang family and Rufus, so that they will both crumble?"

Arthur's eyes lit up—he had waited so long for this moment!

The embarrassment that had crippled a young Arthur and his father's failure to defeat the Tang Group would finally be lifted.

"Don't you desire the fall of Tang Group as well? I can give you that chance."

Clark squinted his eyes; they were still frigid and cold.

His men had

while Rufus was still a bastard with the surname of Luo.

That was not something she could accept. Finally, Rufus had left the Tang Group, but Horace still kept comparing Lionel to him. That did not sit well with Jill.

"Rufus, Rufus. All you do is hate Rufus. You are blind to his qualities! I can see that Lionel has inherited his small-mindedness from you!"

Horace had been manipulated by Jill and Lionel to drive Rufus away because of the missing fifty million from company accounts. He regretted his decision greatly and still wished Rufus was around.

"Horace, please elaborate. What did you mean by 'small-mindedness'? I agreed to change Rufus's surname. It was he who wasn't willing to do so. Why do you call me small-minded? I even acknowledged him as my son! Do you think I can treat him as my own?!"

Jill confronted Horace—she was not going to retreat.

"Well, even if you still want to have him as your son, he would probably reject it himself."

Horace was furious and kept glaring at Jill.

The moment Lionel entered the main lobby, he could hear his parents quarrel. In no time, he dashed towards them and said, "Please, why are you both fighting again? Are you looking for me?"

Lionel's interruption successfully diverted Horace's attention away from his conflict with Jill.

"Lionel, let me ask you something."

Horace waved his hand signalling Lionel to come closer. The servants scattered and it was just the three of them in the lobby.


The disturbed expression on Horace's face put Lionel in a conundrum.

"Did you know, that Rufus is the chairman of TY Group?"

Horace's keen eyes were fixed on Lionel's face as he tried to take in every detail that he possibly could.

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