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   Chapter 393 Pay Him Back

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Rufus was stricken with grief. There was absolutely no way for him to find out what had happened to Cassandra after she left, and he knew she wouldn't want to talk about it.

He already had an inkling anyway. Someone as stubborn as Cassandra would never tell.

"I'll arrange a place for your mother where Clark won't be able to reach. But please, Cassandra. Take better care of yourself,"

he responded, hugging Cassandra as tight as he could in a futile effort to merge them into one.

"I will. Even if it's for you, I'll take better care of myself!"

Cassandra promised. Her clear, smooth face glowed against the moonlight.

Rufus slowly reached down and met his lips with hers. The kiss was light, but filled with tenderness and adoration. The moonlight cascaded past the window and shone on their figures, gracefully silhouetting their frames.

In Cassandra's office, Lyndsy frowned at the sight of Cassandra's desk. Documents and scraps of paper were piled and scattered all over it.

"Cassandra, Cassandra. How could you let this happen to you?" Lyndsy muttered to herself.

Dissatisfied, she turned to her agent.

"Miss Qin is a manager. Keeping track of the paperwork isn't part of her work description. It is actually your responsibility. Why are you making Cassandra do your work?"

Lyndsy spat annoyingly.

"Lyndsy, don't get mad. I asked her to leave them to me because I wanted to go over the scripts. I was afraid that your agent wouldn't be able to handle all of these,"

Cassandra quipped, hurriedly entering the office to defend Lyndsy's agent. Lyndsy had a point: paperwork wasn't part of her job description, the agent was just trying to spite her. But she didn't want to trouble Lyndsy at all.

"But this is ridiculous! You're already burdened with so much work. This is extra!" Lyndsy sighed. "Don't worry, Cassandra. When the year ends, I'll give you a thick, red envelope for your bonus!"

she said, pinching her nose as she tried to relieve her tension. Lyndsy deeply appreciated Cassandra and valued her work ethic about managing her studio. If it weren't for Cassandra's supervision, the studio wouldn't have been as efficient as it was today.

"Lyndsy, don't worry about it. I've told you. It's okay. You gave me the job when I really needed it. I just hope you can still allow me to keep the studio in order,"

Cassandra replied as she grinned from ear to ear. Wherever she worked, be it as Tang Group's architectural manager or Lyndsy's studio manager, she had only always wished to excellently perform in her work.

"Fine," Lyndsy sighed again, closing her eyes before quickly opening them back, suddenly remembering a thought. "By the way, TY Entertainment's movie shoot is going to start soon. Both of us will be pretty busy in the coming weeks, but I swear to you, once this is over, I'll give you your well-deserved vacation leave,"

Lyndsy said confidently. She was fully aware that Cassandra was always swamped with work, and she had sworn to herself to return the favor. She only wished that there was someone that could keep up with Cassandra's excellent work ethic just so they could share her burden.

Just as Cassandra was about to retort, her phone rang loudly. She shot Lyndsy an apologetic look before excusing herself out of her office to answer her phone in the hallway.

"Cassandra! I'm going crazy over here!" Stella exclaimed in a barrage of screams. Cassandra could easily imagine Stella's flailing figure

id meekly. Dylon was such a gentleman and he was always willing to help without asking for anything in return.

She had sincerely believed that Clark was just as noble as Dylon. But she was wrong.

"Cassandra," Stella began, placing her hand over Cassandra's, "just enjoy your time with Clark. I think he's a good man!"

Stella couldn't handle the cloud of negativity looming over them. She had to redirect it somewhere else.

"Oh Cassandra, I actually did some research on Clark!" Lyndsy replied, getting looks from Cassandra and Stella. "He just purchased the biggest five-star hotel in G City. I also found out he has several properties and businesses overseas, too. I don't think you'd have to worry about marrying him, Cassandra. He's rich and incredibly smitten with you!"

Lyndsy said, grinning at Cassandra to lighten the mood. When she didn't receive a response, she looked at Cassandra thoroughly, and noticed how her eyes started to dim.

Stella immediately realized why. "Cassandra. Someone treats you with so much kindness, but you don't seem to care; someone treats you with such blatant disregard for your efforts, but you can't seem to forget about him.

Why, Cassandra?

Rufus is already engaged with Amanda. Why do you still want to be with him? Wake up, dear. There's so many more fish in the sea apart from Rufus. Clark's one of them, and he seems like such a perfect choice!" "She has a point, Cassandra. Why are you so hung up on Rufus?"

Lyndsy nodded, trying to understand Cassandra's emotions.

Why must it be Rufus?

A bitter smile crept up on Cassandra's face.

Cassandra was also curious about that too. Why must it be Rufus? They met at the wrong time. They were born into arguing families. When they got through that, the third wheel appeared.

She had already lost her child. She had been defamed. She had even lost the company that her father had worked so hard on.

But right now, Rufus was kneeling in front of her, asking for her forgiveness.

"I...I wonder about that too," Cassandra said, earning a few surprised looks from the girls.

"I guess I owed him in my former life. I have to pay him back in this life."

A sad smile appeared on her face. She kept her eyes glued to the steam rising from the pot, as if she were searching for an answer in its midst.

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