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   Chapter 392 I Will Stay For You

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Ivy stared at Lionel, undaunted.

Her target was not Lionel, she needn't care about offending his sensitivities.

"You'd better keep your mouth shut about this. Don't say a word about it to another soul!" hissed Lionel.

He gritted his teeth in warning. But, there was a discernable trace of panic in his eyes.

"It's not a big secret at all. Even if I am not the one to divulge it, someone else will certainly let it out. You may have had the ability to conceal it for a year or two. But do you think you can conceal it for a lifetime?" Ivy's voice rang out cruelly.

Looking at Lionel's flurried appearance satisfied Ivy's sadism. 'Lionel, remember how ruthless you were in your hurry to kick me out? I think it's a little too late to act coy, no?'

"I don't care about how other people will find out. All in all, don't be the one to spill it out. Remember, just keep your mouth shut."

Lionel's words were a warning. Ivy, however, was untouched. She just smiled with disdain.

"Ok, but you have to help me with one thing, Lionel."

Ivy's eyes gleamed momentarily. She might as well use Lionel since he needed her help anyway.

"What is it?"

Lionel looked nervous, he did not know what this cunning woman wanted.

"The Tang Group has imprisoned my brother Joel for plagiarism. Now I want you to help me set him free."

Ivy sedately cocked her chin at Lionel. Now that Rufus was no longer in the Tang group. It would not be difficult for Lionel to release Joel.

Lionel was a little stunned. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind and he looked at Ivy in surprise.

"Is he your brother? What else has he done for you before?"

Ivy had never mentioned this before, so Lionel was quite shocked.

"Nothing! Didn't I just put him in Tang Group to help you? Will you help me to release him or not?" asked Ivy.

She didn't want to entertain any further questions from Lionel. After all, Joel had damaged the reputation of the Tang group.

Lionel thought for a while. His mind raced, trying to figure out if Ivy still had some ammo against him. If he refused her, she would certainly use that against him. It seemed that all she wanted was to get Joel out and that was not difficult for him to do.

"Okay, I will help you with your brother. But you should remember to keep your mouth shut and not leak out any information to anyone! You hear me?"

Lionel appeared to have made up his mind. He stared at Ivy.

"Okay, I won't,"

Ivy promised nonchalantly. But in her mind, she cheekily thought, 'Well, it won't be my fault if others find out...' And a smile played on her lips.

Under the dim lights, Lionel's eyebrows squinted at the woman who sat before him. She was no longer the innocent girl who he had loved very much. Now, she had become a sophis

s felt his heart contract in apprehension. He could never have anticipated that Clark would have a role to play in the illness that had afflicted Cassandra's voice.

Cassandra still remembered what Rufus had said to her. If she had the ability to help him, she would definitely do it on the condition that Edith would remain untouched.

"Listen, I don't want you to get hurt. I have information and reason to believe that Clark is more dangerous than I thought he was. I cannot risk your safety,"

Rufus said as he touched Cassandra's long black hair. The feel of her soft hair brushing against him calmed his nerves and his heart.

Cassandra was also deeply touched by his concern. But now she really was onto something that could prove him guilty. If she left now, Clark would definitely suspect something.

"I don't mind staying here, but I want my mom to get out. I already know that Clark is up to something. If he has ideas to attack you, I just hope I will be able to thwart it in time."

Cassandra was muffled up against the warmth of Rufus. Today she had tried to steer Edith out of this house. Her failure in accomplishing that greatly depressed her.

"If you want your mother to leave here, I can help you. But are you sure you want to keep staying here?"

Cassandra's courage had stirred Rufus. But in his heart, he felt uneasy.

"Rufus, I am willing to do this for you. Clark has me trapped. Even if I want to escape him, I won't be able to."

Cassandra raised her head and looked directly into Rufus's eyes.

"Since I can't hide, why not go on staying here with him? I have you, I am not afraid of anything!"

Cassandra said as she felt her voice shake under the weight of her decision.

All those times that she had not been with Rufus, she had been terribly alone. Now that he was with her, how could she be afraid?

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