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   Chapter 391 The Chairman Of TY Group

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Lionel's sober mind told him that he didn't need to have any kind of patience with Ivy anymore. Anyway, she had received the break-up fee she had demanded. From now on, he didn't have any liability toward her.

But upon seeing the mysterious expression on her face and thinking about what she had said, he couldn't help but engage in bewilderment.

"Ivy, what on earth do you know? Don't keep me guessing, okay?"

He felt puzzled and curious, wondering what were the secrets she knew.

The pendentive light shone on her like a spotlight. She smiled happily and freely. Her grinning face made others think that Lionel, who sat opposite to her, was amusing her.

'What do I know? What I know is enough to shock the Tang family, ' she thought to herself satisfyingly.

A few days ago, a distinguished guest had come to Amanda's studio: A handsome man with peach blossoming eyes. Amanda's assistant had tried to stop him, but he strode straight to Amanda's office. As the door shut behind him, Ivy heard Amanda speaking to him in a completely frightened tone.

Ivy had never heard Amanda like that before. She even caught a glimpse of her face. Her eyes were wide and full of fear.

Ivy was intrigued by Amanda's unusual behaviour. She returned to her desk, listening intently to the muffled voices.

The voices were unclear but urgent, as if a quarrel was taking place between the two. Amanda was shrieking but the man's voice was too low to be heard.

Even so, Ivy concluded the man had the ability to frighten Amanda.

'Who was he? What was his identity? What did he have to do with her? Amanda has always appeared as a calm, confident individual. It is shocking to see her flapping like this in the presence of that man, ' she wondered.

When the door finally opened, Ivy pretended to walk past it with a pile of documents in her hands, and bumped into him unintentionally, scattering all the documents over the floor.

The man apologised politely to her, helping her pick up all the documents.

Looking at his gentle and elegant smile, Ivy didn't feel scared at all. How could Amanda be scared of someone like him?

"Thank you, sir. Are you... a friend of Miss Ke?"

Ivy spoke to him boldly with a curious expression on her face.

Clark flashed a smile at her, scanning her face intently.

'Isn't this Lionel's ex-girlfriend? I've observed her before. She is very cunning. Anyone who didn't know her would be easily fooled by her innocent face. Even now, she is pretending to be innocent. Does she really think I'd be deceived by her appearance? She seems to be way more interested than what I've imagined, ' he thought.

"Yes. I haven't seen her for a long time, so I thought I'll come and say hello."

He continued to smile at her. His eyes seemed to be capable of charming all living beings.

"Are you an employee here? Miss Ke is going to be a promising educator in the future. If you continue to follow her, your future is sure to be bright."

Clark was so smart that he saw through Ivy's curiosity. 'Curiosity indeed kills the cat. You wanted to dig through me, huh? Watch me, and I will use you to get something I want, ' he thought to himse

this being true! How could Rufus be the president of TY Group?' Lionel thought, becoming restless.

Every inch of his body wanted to reject the idea. He was in constant competition with Rufus for being the president of the Tang Group. And if Rufus was indeed the owner of TY Group, then he must have treated the position like discarded garbage when it meant so much to Lionel. It was absolutely ridiculous to even think about.

"Nonsense? No, Lionel. You just haven't investigated his background enough. If you send someone abroad to check who's the legally registered person of TY Securities, you would know. I am not simply bullshitting with you."

She was so happy to look at his alarmed and panic face. This was exactly what she had hoped for.

Anyway, the Tang family had nothing to do with her now. She had gotten her fifty million from Lionel. If they fell into chaos, it wouldn't matter to her. In fact, it would only make her happier.

Lionel's forehead started to sweat. What would happen when Horace found out about this? Or did he already know?

In terms of Rufus's capabilities, there was no doubt that he could run a company as large as TY Group smoothly. If Horace sided with him, the thought of Lionel remaining in the presidency would be completely discarded.

Horace had always appreciated Rufus and had never approved of Lionel. If it was true, he would be more than happy to ask Rufus to come back the Tang Group. In this way, Lionel's long-term plans and efforts would seem to all have been for naught. He couldn't allow Rufus to take his dream from him so easily.

"Who else knows about this matter?"

Lionel asked, glaring at Ivy and gritting his teeth with a fierce expression on his face.

Ivy knew what he was thinking and decided to throw her cards before he could. Squinting her eyes, she spoke calmly," Lionel, listen to me. Don't you dare use this matter to threaten me. I'm warning you. I'm not as compliant and submissive as I used to be. Remember, now that we are done, I don't need to obey you anymore. If you even try to threaten me, I will spread this news like fire."

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