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   Chapter 390 The Divergence (Part Two)

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Amanda's chest tightened the moment she heard her father's warning. It was quite obvious to her that her father wasn't really fond of Clark. Unfortunately, she had already made a deal with the devil, and it would be a gargantuan task getting herself out of that hellhole.

"Yes, I know that full well. But I insist that you eat the soup soon, Father. It's probably getting cold already."

After giving him a sense of assurance, Amanda urged her father to eat the soup while it was still warm. Be that as it might, she had some plans of her own.

A smile crept up on Charlie's face upon hearing her response. Moving the bowl of soup a little closer, he leisurely enjoyed eating it. The soup not only make him feel warm, but it was actually quite delicious as well.

"Amanda, at this point in my life, there's not a lot of things or people that I have to worry about anymore. My only wish is for my dearest daughter to keep smiling and of course, for her to always be safe and sound. You have to learn to take good care of yourself and remember to keep yourself out of harm's way. Try not to get yourself too exhausted from taking care of lots of things. Could you please promise me that?"

Charlie implored her, placing the empty bowl on the desk after he was done. Because he had Amanda in his late adulthood, she had always been the most precious thing to him. If there was one thing in the world that he cared about the most, that would be Amanda.

"Yes, I swear I will, Father. Concentrate on doing your work for now. I'm heading out in a while."

Grabbing the empty bowl from her father's desk, Amanda exited the study. The instant she walked out the door, the obedient look she had on her face was replaced by a grim one.

She had just confirmed that her father's opinion of Clark was already dyed-in-the-wool. That meant the information Clark gave her could possibly be true, that Charlie was planning to give Rufus a hand in replacing him to take over the Dark Night Group. Just how on earth could she prevent that from happening?

against me to become the president of the Tang Group?"

Lionel saw Ivy's words as just pointless ramblings. However, the uneasiness on the corner of his eyes sold him out.

Rufus was more than capable, and every single one of them was well aware of that. That having been said, he had already stepped down from his position in the Tang Group. Lionel was under the assumption that Rufus could never do something that would put him at risk.

"Oh, my dear Lionel. You're just like a clueless child. Profile and work experience could easily be fabricated. How could Rufus just leave the Tang Group without batting an eye? I don't think you've really given that much thought. At his level, he had the potential to at least become the vice president of the group. Yet, he still chose to walk away. Why was that so?"

Ivy wanted to tease Lionel a little more deep inside, but she didn't have any intention of spilling the beans whatsoever.

"What are you trying to say? That he doesn't care about the Tang Group? Could that be what you're implying?"

With a baffled look written all over his face, Lionel leaned over a little.

"Without a doubt, he doesn't. Because the thing that he has is far greater than what you have!"

Ivy's face suddenly lit up and a sly smile unfurled on her face. It seemed as if she was privy to a secret beneath that dim light.

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