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   Chapter 388 A Sweet Dream

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The fact that Rufus didn't push away Amanda when she came for a hug unnerved Cassandra. 'Why didn't he just refuse her? How hard can it be to say no?' she thought with some frustration.

With every passing second, Cassandra became angrier and angrier. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't dispel this thought out of her mind. In short, it deprived her of having a good peace of mind.

Staying alone in her room, she couldn't help but imagine what was happening in the next door.

'I wonder what they are doing now. Are they sitting together in the room? If so, what are they doing for such a long time?' Cassandra thought, dubiously.

With a sigh, she rolled out of her bed. She couldn't take it anymore.

'That bastard! How dare he get so intimate with Amanda! If he loved her then why did he utter those sweet words to me? What a dilemma he is putting me in!' Cassandra murmured to herself, cursing Rufus.

Just when she was drowning in her misery, a sudden knock on the window brought her back to reality. At first, she was a little bewildered and thought she had perhaps misheard it.

But the knocking persisted and Cassandra realized she hadn't imagined it. Slowly, she pulled the window curtain back and examined what it was. To her surprise, it was Rufus who was standing outside the window.

Suddenly, she covered the window with the curtain and took a step back. His presence had led her heart to beat faster.

'What? He has the audacity to knock on my window!' she thought with utter shock.

There came another slight knock. A hurried and deep voice said, "Open the window, Cassandra. Otherwise I'll have to break it!"

Upon hearing his words, Cassandra felt nervous. Rufus wasn't afraid of anything hence he might actually put his threat into practice. Without hesitating any longer, she moved forward and opened the window.

Rufus put his hands on the windowsill and hopped inside the room. In a blink of an eye, he had landed in her bedroom.

"Why did you close the curtain? I wasn't able to see you!"

Rufus complained, childishly. He extended his big hand and forcefully caught a hold of her cute chin.

"Smile, my lady."

Seeing Cassandra frown, Rufus felt like making fun of her.

He was well aware that Clark had installed many cameras in this villa. Hence he discreetly came from a path where no cameras were placed. For a while, he analyzed the place and plotted his entrance. Now he was certain that Clark would not discover him. He was one move ahead of Clark.

Cassandra tilted her head to the left so as to avoid Rufus's touch. In her mind, she was still grieving.

'How does he expect me to smile after seeing him hug Amanda?' Cassandra thoug

with an urgent tone, "Yes. Some of our men have collected evidence that will prove his connections with the armed gang from abroad. He seems to be in touch with the biggest drug dealer group, assisting in drug distribution. What's worse is that there are dirtier hidden secrets. It is believed that more hands are supporting him in this crime."

After hearing about Victor's report on Clark, Rufus stood contemplating. It turned out Clark had more than one backer. It would indeed be difficult to take him down.

"Let the sleeping dog lie. We have to be cautious about everything we do. Even though he knows nothing about us, we can't make any rash decision. I'm afraid Cassandra will have to pay if we make a mistake."

Rufus sat straight up and brought his focus once again to the report in front of him.

"In that case, should we send some men to protect Miss Qin?"

Victor realized Rufus had a point. It was indeed dangerous for Cassandra. Clark was a devil who wouldn't think twice before harming anyone. And he obviously was using Cassandra as a pawn. They couldn't act impulsively as long as he was close to Cassandra.

"So far, his true intentions are concealed from her. At the moment, he is busy currying her favor. He is probably aware that Cassandra hasn't fallen in love with him yet. In order to guarantee her safety, we will have to stay calm for now," Rufus spoke with determination.

And then he signaled Victor to send some men to protect Cassandra with secrecy. Immediately, Victor went to arrange it. He made it a point to warn them to keep their identity discreet.

Now that Clark had declared a war against him, Rufus was determined to face him bravely.

'Come on, Clark! Let me see what you are capable of doing!' roared Rufus to himself with fire in his heart.

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