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   Chapter 387 In the Arms of Another Woman

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"Rufus, where are you? Can I come and see you?"

Her calls didn't go through to him. Amanda was left with only a desperate string of text messages to contact him.

Rufus had left the Tang Group, and he had left no traces behind. Amanda had not the slightest idea where he was.

"Rufus, I have something very important to tell you. Please send me a message when you see this."

She was no fool. She had known all along that Rufus had only agreed to the engagement because of her illness and pretense of losing her memory. She had forced his pity into a shape that could resemble love. Despite this knowledge, Amanda was still clinging to hope.

Rufus was engaged to her now. There must be some way that she could make him marry her.

It was with these thoughts that Amanda had desperately tried to reach Rufus. He had not blatantly rejected her, and so to her mind, she still had hope.

They had done this strange back-and-forth chase before, but something was different this time. Rufus seemed to have made up his mind. He no longer answered her calls or texted her back, no matter how many times she tried.

All she wanted was to be close to him. Then maybe, when time finally decided to be kind, he would turn his heart to her. But things didn't work out like she wanted.

Rufus was deliberately distancing himself from her. He was leaving her behind. If she just stayed back and did nothing, she would lose all hope of ever marrying him.

Amanda decided to head for the Garden Villa. At the sound of her car, Rufus's figure emerged from the doorway.

Relief flooded her as she saw his face, but the smile on her face was only momentary. His face was closed off and distant as he stood.

Rufus was feeling irritated at Amanda's sudden appearance. It had only been a few days, and here she was at his mansion. After seeing Cassandra, he had wanted to cut all ties with Amanda.

Rufus knew that Clark had installed cameras everywhere, but he remained in the mansion. It was his way of telling Clark that he had no fear of him.

It was both the most dangerous and safest place at the same time. Rufus knew that no matter how long Clark waited and watched, there was nothing he could find. He was an upright person, and he had never involved himself in shady dealings. There was no way Clark would be able to use anything against him.

Beside, Cassandra lived right next to him. He followed her with longing eyes through his window every night. It had almost become a ritual. Seeing her just lulled him.

Steeling herself, Amanda stepped out of the car and ran to Rufus. She was about to hurl into his arms, but he dodged her and put a distance between them.

"Rufus, why aren't you answering my messages?"

Amanda asked sweetly.

"Did something happen?" she pressed.

Rufus did not speak. He did not particularly feel like talking to Amanda.

She went on when he only answered in silence. "I miss you. We haven't seen each other since the engagem

ndedly sitting since.

"Cassandra, is something wrong?"

Edith asked, pulling Cassandra away from her thoughts. Not knowing what had happened, she was concerned about Cassandra. She had not moved from her spot for a long time.

"Nothing, Mother. I was just thinking about Lyndsy's promotion," she lied, making a convenient excuse. Edith had not found out that Rufus was living next to them, and Rufus had been avoiding her as well.

"Your job right now is quite busy, isn't it? Have you ever thought about giving Clark's idea about the gallery a try?"

Edith felt sorry as she looked at her daughter. She had always been slim, but it seemed like she was losing even more weight. Her cheeks were hollow and her eyes were dim, as if she was hiding some pain inside her.

"I'm fine, Mother. I enjoy my job," Cassandra said, offering her mother a small smile.

She tried her best to stay away from Clark after her conversation with Rufus. Surprisingly, Clark had not shown himself either. He didn't come to visit the mansion, and he probably didn't know that Cassandra's voice had almost recovered.

A shiver ran down her spine as Cassandra thought about the honey that Clark gave her. She felt an urge to move out the mansion as soon as possible. But as Rufus had told her that day, Clark came to her with a purpose, and she had yet to figure it out.

Somehow, Cassandra had a feeling that Clark was coming at Rufus. All he did, including approaching her, was to get back at him in some form.

If she stayed with Clark, she would be able to keep an eye on his movements, and protect Rufus.

Cassandra smiled bitterly to herself. Even now, she was still thinking and doing things for his sake. She was deliberately staying in this dangerous mansion, and staying with Clark, a vicious man with unknown intentions, all for him.

She was willing to do everything, even put herself in danger, if it meant he would be safe.

Even if he was in the arms of another woman.

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