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   Chapter 386 The Contract Of Evil

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A shiver ran down Cassandra's spine as she gave it a thought.

She remembered the exact location where Victor had found her. It was in front of the hotel she worked at, which meant that Rufus had always known where she worked. But since she fell ill, she had been remained at home, which meant that Rufus couldn't find her.

If Rufus knew where she worked then it was only a matter of time before he found her address, and further, about her relationship with Clark. It was clear that he would have come to see her privately very soon.

Due to the illness, her voice had become raspy and she had to resign from the hotel. Since her departure from the hotel, Rufus would cease to investigate the premises.

Besides, when Cassandra first met Rufus after their last break-up, Clark had interrupted them. The second time they met was, on the cruise ship, for Rufus and Amanda's engagement party. Clark had let his guard down and Rufus was able to meet Cassandra in the guest room where he had said those things to her.

Now, Cassandra's perception had straightened out. Clark had tried to stop her from meeting Rufus. While at the same time, he tried his best to shower Cassandra with affection. He wanted her to fall in love with him and marry him.

Once she had figured out the truth, Cassandra almost couldn't breathe.

If what Rufus had said was true, and her interpretation was correct, then it would appear that Clark was indeed a very manipulative and scheming person!

In order to approach Cassandra, he appointed her to work in his hotel. And he had been taking good care of her. He even generously arranged for her, and her mother, to live in his own mansion.

Clark knew very well that Cassandra didn't want to see Rufus. However, he made sure that the accommodation he arranged for her was right next to Rufus's house. It was obvious that Clark wanted her to see Rufus living with Amanda. He hoped that after seeing that, she would lose faith in Rufus and choose him instead.

And when Clark found out that Rufus had figured out where Cassandra worked, he made sure Cassandra's voice became hoarse. After that, he complimented her talent in art and tried his best to persuade her to give up her original job and to open an art gallery. Clark did all that because he didn't want Rufus to find her.

But Clark was human after all, and he was bound to make mistakes. He never anticipated that Rufus would discover Cassandra's location while Clark was busy flattering Edith. So when Rufus finally arrived at the house, Clark stood in his way, not to help Cassandra but to challenge Rufus.

He was intent on attacking Rufus from every direction. He was desperate to get Rufus in trouble. 'What had happened between him and Rufus?'

Cassandra furrowed her brows and scratched her head in confusion, wondering what was going on and why this was happening.

hough Amanda was a world-famous pianist, she lost her charisma the day she lost her self-esteem. She was neither desirable nor dignified. And a man like Rufus, wouldn't like such women.

Stupid women were always the best, easily controllable weapons.

"You have my word. If I wanted to do something to Rufus, I would have done it long ago. I wouldn't have waited all this time."

Clark burst into laughter. He found Amanda's naivete hysterically funny.

Amanda began to consider Clark's advice when she thought about how miserable Cassandra would be.

This was a deal with Satan himself and it came at the cost of falling to the pits of hell.

But her love for Rufus was incomparable to any expense in the world, even her soul. She decided to accept Clark's offer.

"Okay, I will help you. Remember to keep your word!"

Amanda nodded. She looked determined.

"I promise. Cassandra is my only target, not Rufus."

Clark stood up and walked up to Amanda, with a broad smile on his face.

"I wish that we have a successful partnership." Clark stretched out his hand.

His fingers were slender and pale, like those of a vampire.

Amanda shuddered to touch him but shook his hand, eventually.

His hands were still so beautiful and tender, just as she remembered them. But only God would know about the carnage caused by them.

Clark held Amanda's hand firmly in a vice-like grip. The hands of the most celebrated pianist in the world were going to be stained with blood.

Clark wondered whether Amanda would regret her decision. She condemned her loved one to hell. What a stupid woman, indeed!

Their handshake confirmed the unholy contract.

'Rufus, I've set my traps all around you now. I wonder whether you can get out of them.

I've planned this game for so many years and finally got you where I needed you. I cannot wait to see how this game will end, ' Clark thought wickedly.

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