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   Chapter 384 Cassandra’s Voice Getting Better (Part One)

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"You need to take note of this. I always do things properly, and I can't tolerate ambiguity. That's my rule."

The man was holding a glass of wine in his hand, but instead of drinking it, he just tapped along its side with his long fingers. It appeared as if his mind had drifted somewhere far away.

"Please let your heart be at ease. I've already asked around. I heard that even though Rufus had stayed in the Tang House before, they didn't actually get along so well. His younger brother and his stepmother both were actually quite pleased the moment they found out about him stepping down from his position in the company. They could hardly wait to throw a banquet and celebrate. It was apparent that none of them really cared much about whatever it was that Rufus had been doing, not even his own father. Well, speaking of his father, he's just one exploitative tycoon. As far as I'm concerned, he could turn his back on Rufus at any time, that is if he hasn't done so already. When you get right down to it, Rufus didn't really grow up under his watch, and actually, they only got to know each other just over a year ago."

Taking in everything that had been happening within Horace's family pretty well, Clark was under the assumption that when push came to shove, they wouldn't back Rufus up at all. Therefore, Rufus would end up being their main problem. And as for the other members of the Tang family, they could pretty much be disregarded.

"Well, isn't that great? I have here with me part of the cargo you've asked for. Have a look at it, and if everything's good, I'll be taking the payment. But be very careful because I wouldn't want to attract any unwanted attention."

The man turned his back immediately and swiftly walked away upon noticing someone approaching them from just around the corner. He casually left and acted as though he had no idea who Clark even was and never even talked to him in the first place.

As soon as the man was out of sight, Clark cautiously examined the area. And after making sure the coast was clear, he put his hands inside his pockets and went his way.

In the lounge of that very same cruise ship, Victor was standing right behind Ru

hought about it, she knew nothing about Clark when they first met; Rufus had warned her not to be too trusting of Clark because he thought the man could be a wolf hiding in sheep's clothing, she thought she should heed his warning. What if there was something blended into the honey that could worsen her condition?

Since she was now being wary of Clark, she wouldn't dare let that honey anywhere near her mouth again. Instead of drinking it, she would just pour a glass every morning and every evening, and then just dump it down the drain.

With her hand massaging her neck, Cassandra's anxiety overflowed, persistently hanging in her thoughts.

She was reflecting on whether she should go out with Clark or not, thinking whether it would be wrong to harbor suspicions about a man who has been lending her a helping hand on both work and in her private life.

"Cassandra, is it really you? When did you come back? Since when have you been here?"

The second she heard the noise in the kitchen, Edith immediately sprung up from bed, walked out of her bedroom and found Cassandra standing there.

"What about the party? How did it go? Did you manage to piss Rufus off?"

she asked enthusiastically, wearing a curious expression on her face.

Edith could barely hide how delighted she was at the thought of Cassandra getting engaged with Clark. She felt glad that her daughter could finally find her happiness after having been through quite a lot.

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