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   Chapter 383 The Man In The Corner (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 8038

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Knowing exactly how her mother's brain worked, Lionel picked his words carefully. He had to make her content with this engagement.

As the official president of the Tang Group now, he needed to think beyond the trivialities of family relations. Networking was the key to survive in the ruthless business world; Rufus and Amanda's wedding was the perfect opportunity for it.

Like he had hoped, his words worked their charm in successfully calming Jill's nerves. Reassured, she looked at him, smiling and nodding slowly. As long as her son was happy with the arrangement, she had no reason to complain about anything.

She turned around and looked at Horace. His face was puffed with joy, absolutely overwhelmed by the cheerful atmosphere of the party. Busy laughing and chatting with his entrepreneur friends, he was completely oblivious of the dialogue between his wife and son. His mind was fully occupied with the current event and the fruits it was going to bear in the long run.

In fact, the very next morning, a large sum of capital from his investor was going to be credited to Tang Group's account. The very thought of money thrilled Horace, making his eyes glow with excitement.

Thanks to the in-time capital, Tang Group was becoming bigger and better than before. Horace needed the money so desperately, he could venture anything for it right now.

His first priority was to bring Rufus back to Tang Group. He realized how badly the group needed Rufus's remarkable talent to keep the business floating. As a father who knew both his sons well, Horace had accepted the fact that Lionel simply wasn't wired for business.

Precisely then, the entrance of the lobby slid open. Both Clark and Rufus turned their heads. From between the parting glass doors, Amanda emerged. She walked gracefully toward them, her head high and her smile beaming.

To the eyes of others, she looked confident, charming and beautiful; only she knew how scared she actually was. The amount of coaxing it took to put up that charade and exert that charisma was immaculate. Every breath took courage, every step took vigorous effort, but she kept her pride. As soon as she reached Rufus's side, Amanda extended her hand and cupped his arm. She blushed staring at him fondly, and gave him a splendid smile.

Clark wasn't standing too far away from her. He could see how fake and forced her smile was. His mouth

e was too much tension between these two men. Rufus's words reminded her of something, after which she looked at the situation with a completely different perspective.

Not just that, Clark and his pretentious smile made her uncomfortable to the core. She just wanted to go as far away from him as possible. The way he put his arm around her shoulder made her want to push him away. Subconsciously, he felt like a danger to her.

But could it be that she was over reading the situation? Or was her sixth sense truly trying to tell her something?

As she thought deeper about the events of the night, a sharp pain shot through her head. Her face paled and weakened, eyes shut under the ache she felt behind them. Clark stared at her closely for a while, finally sighing, having made up his mind.

"Alright, I will send someone to take you back. Get some rest."

Cunning as he was, however, his manners were intact. Cassandra gave him a thankful smile, and walked away.

As soon as she left, Clark strode determinedly to the corner of the lobby. Under the dim light, someone had been waiting for him for a long time.

He hadn't moved from his place. The man had lowered his head the entire evening, keeping himself hidden from the sight of the crowd.

"Did you have a good look at him? That's the guy. That's Rufus Luo!"

Clark said slyly, approaching the mystery man.

The man responded with an evil grin.

"Well, fair enough! But things seem to be more complicated than I had expected. Why didn't you tell me he has a father? If I remove him, won't his family seek revenge for him?"

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