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   Chapter 382 The Man In The Corner (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-06 19:26

Amanda found herself at her wit's end, pacing frantically like a cat on hot bricks.

The very thought of Clark being out there among the guests made her panic. She was overwhelmed by the stress, so much so that she felt like it was literally the end of the world.

Clark had hurt her deeply. She still felt traumatized, as though a mere glance in his direction would rip open the deepest wounds in her heart and devastate her. She shook her head in agony. He was like a ghost that would haunt her endlessly. She simply didn't have the strength to face him.

She really couldn't understand why Clark would show up for Rufus's engagement party. Last she remembered, he hated Rufus's guts. And yet, he had the audacity to attend his party? On top of that, he brought Cassandra as his date?

A bad hunch seized Amanda's heart. Suddenly, she came to a halt, right in the middle of the room. Something struck her head, after which panic seized her, making her body shudder.

'Could it be that Cassandra has made some kind of pact with Clark to unsettle me because of she is jealous of me?' thought Amanda.

She had been successful in tricking Rufus into getting engaged with her despite the fact that he was still in love with Cassandra. But she wasn't stupid. She knew how prone to falling apart the whole charade was. She had manipulated Rufus and Charlie by feeding elaborate lies to make all of this happen. The last thing she wanted right now was for Rufus to get upset seeing Cassandra here.

The idea itself made her panic. Her palms started to sweat, and her heart began to drum. She kept thinking of Cassandra's presence and intention. It threatened her. Scared and furious, Amanda gritted her teeth determinedly, and sighed deeply.

'What shall I do now?' she wondered desperately. How could she keep Rufus by her side? What could she do that would make him love her forever?

'What to do? What to do? What to do?'

she kept asking herself the same question over and over again, but to no vail! Her head started to ache, bursting with alarming thoughts. Desperate, she buried her face into her palms, moaning in confusion.

Just then, a waiter pushed the door open and entered the room, speaking politely, "Miss Ke,

aid, grinning slightly.

He looked directly into her eyes, trying to remind her of the grace she was supposed to exert on a special occasion like this.

"Lionel, you are so naive. Don't you dare say Rufus is a part of this family. I'm sure he doesn't consider himself a part of us. If it wasn't for Charlie, we probably wouldn't have heard about the engagement. You know he'd been keeping us out of his life all this time,"

Jill snapped at Lionel, stabbing him with a glance. Anger filled her from head to toe when she thought of the Ke family's erratic behaviors. Charlie and Amanda had made quite a scene at the villa a few days ago, and shortly afterwards, completely changed their plans and came up with the marriage proposal. According to Jill, the Ke family was not trustworthy as they seemed to have a tendency of not staying true to their words.

"Yes, I get your point. I mean, Rufus is barely paying attention to his own engagement. But as long as he settles down with Amanda, it's good for everyone. Don't worry too much about it. Think about all the benefits this marriage will bring to us. Tang family will grow so much stronger with an alliance with Ke family. Once Amanda becomes your daughter-in-law, you will get full support from her maiden family. Plus, as the CEO of Tang Group, I can always ask for Amanda's help. It's a win-win situation, in any case. She can bring so many business opportunities to our family and the group. Mother, prepare for prosperity!"

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