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   Chapter 381 Great Minds Think Alike (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-07-06 13:25

'How can she smile after seeing Rufus engaged to another woman?'

Cassandra was acting strangely. Even as her body faced the host, her eyes were blank as she looked, as if she was not really listening. Clark knew that something was amiss, but couldn't pinpoint its source.

Then Rufus and Amanda emerged, stepping on the state hand-in-hand. The two were quite the vision. The guests caught their breath at the sight of the lovers and soon the hall was filled with the sounds of applause and cheer.

The two put engagement rings on each other's finger, and the host formally declared for the guests to continue to the banquet. Rufus and Amanda held wine glasses in their hands and paced into the hall. People flocked around them and they were soon preoccupied with answering to congratulatory messages and accepting blessings.

Cassandra began to slink to the corner of the hall unnoticed, wanting nothing more than to hide herself in darkness. She did not want to be seen now.

Clark, however, would never let this chance go. Grabbing her arms, he stopped her.

"Cassandra, don't be afraid. You have me. We have a plan, remember? Show him that you can be happy without him," he whispered to her ear.

Tucking her arm in his own, Clark led her toward Rufus. There was a helpless look on Cassandra's face as they walked to the newly-engaged couple.

How could she possibly face him at this point after what happened earlier in that room? Rufus's words played like a broken record in her head, and they grew louder and louder as they neared Rufus and Amanda.

After what seemed an eternity, the two pairs finally met. With a smile, so sickening in its false sweetness, Clark said, "Mr. Luo, I wish you and Miss Ke a happy union."

Clark lifted up his glass sl

andra beside me now,"

Clark continued to taunt him, wanting to get on his nerves. He pulled Cassandra closer and added, "She is a truly wonderful woman."

Rufus felt his anger grow, but restrained himself. "Nothing of the sort. As the saying goes, great minds think alike," he answered back.

With that, Rufus cast a long and deliberate glance into the direction where Amanda went with a meaningful smile on his lips.

Cassandra stood mutely between illusory congratulations of the two men. She clenched her teeth, cursing Rufus inwardly, 'Damn you! Great mind? You and your damned tastes! Is that your excuse to push me to Clark?'

She darted a look that was both pained and fiery glance at Rufus, who successfully intercepted. He caught the look in her eyes, and had to resist a strong impulse to laugh. All of their exchanges escaped Clark's eyes.

Those emotion-filled eyes, looking into his direction, made a sweet feeling bloom inside his chest.

Rufus fixed his eyes on Clark, and held the wine glass more tightly, thinking of all the intentions behind that man's actions.

'I will protect you with all I can, Cassandra. I swear it, ' he swore to himself.

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