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   Chapter 380 Great Minds Think Alike (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5918

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Cassandra was left dumbstruck for a moment. A thousand thoughts raced in her head.

She had the vague recollection of Clark once telling her about his previous lover. Never could she have expected that the woman he was talking about was Amanda.

"How did you know?"

Cassandra asked, her voice stiff with shock.

"Do you remember last time when we met, at the wedding dress shop?" Rufus started. "After you entered the changing room, Amanda came out after changing into a dress. Something changed in her the moment she saw Clark. I had my own men investigate, and it was true. They confirmed that Amanda and Clark were once in a relationship after she and I separated."

Cassandra felt as if Rufus's explanation only added to the turmoil of her thoughts.

If he was telling the truth, Clark deliberately hid this fact from her. But why? She felt her doubts increase as she thought back to all his previous actions.

"And I should believe you because?"

Cassandra challenged. She and Rufus were no longer together, and he had shown her more than once that she couldn't trust his words.

At this, Rufus merely snickered.

"Of course, whether you believe or not is all up to you. After all, I've always been the bad guy to you, haven't I? Should I prove you right and open the door to give people a show?"

Rufus teased, his eyes wandering over her body. Cassandra's body stiffened at the threat.

His effect was obvious on her. A smug smile spread over his face.

"You know what, Cassandra? You're still so very naive. It doesn't really take much to trick you," he chuckled out. "I won't be able to forgive myself if I just leave you in Clark's hands." He loosened his arms around her and stepped back, giving her space. "Everything I said today is a

d on to the agony and pain he had brought her.

The truth dawned on her, taking the heaviness off her shoulders. Now that she got what she had been craving all this time, she was able to breathe more freely.

Even if Rufus's words had been lies and deceit, they were a balm that soothed her wounds, giving her scars rest.

'How strange, ' she thought to herself. 'My wings have been burnt, and yet here I am again, longing and reaching out for the warmth of the flame.'

The host moved his lips and his words hovered around her like soft waves—she listened to them as if all of it was in the background. Her mind was still in the room where she and Rufus was, his voice playing inside her head. A hint of fond smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

From the corner of the eye, Clark watched Cassandra as she smiled softly. There was barely a hint of it, but it was there. For some unknown reason, an ominous feeling came to him as he looked at her.

'What? Why is she smiling? What's going on?' Clark thought. He was definitely thrown off by this unexpected development, and his frustration started to grow as he racked his brain to make sense of what he was seeing.

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