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   Chapter 379 Be Mindful of Clark (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6093

Updated: 2019-07-06 00:02

Forcing out a smile of resignation, she couldn't hold herself back from worrying about Rufus. She just couldn't stand the thought of him suffering the same fate that she had been through—being wrongfully judged by society and becoming infamous for something she didn't really do.

"Do you think I care about that? I'm not scared! It doesn't matter what other people think of me!"

He looked so adamant and his voice sounded so resolute. After all, he had already spilled the beans and admitted what he truly felt to Cassandra. No chance in hell he could act like it never happened and simply let her go again!

The way Rufus spoke, the tone of his voice, to Cassandra, felt like he was a helpless kid throwing a tantrum. Hearing all of that, she couldn't help but let loose a soft but sweet smile.

"Rufus, for now, why don't you take care of the things that need to be done? Once you've got everything sorted out, if you still feel like you want to be with me, then maybe we can talk about it when that time comes. Okay?"

Cassandra heaved a heavy sigh. He was acting like a spoiled brat with bad manners. There was just no saying no to him.

"Cassandra, I might need your help to get myself out of this tight spot though. Way back, I've also helped you in some way, right? Would you mind lending me a hand this time?"

Once again, he stretched out his arms to wrap around her. It had been forever since the last time he had her wrapped up in his arms and it was quite obvious that every fiber of his being had been longing for her touch, for her scent, for everything.

"What could you possibly need my help for?"

Cassandra was a bit perplexed. Well, how on earth could she be of any help to him?

"First and foremost, I would like you to help me uncover Clark's true colors!"

Clenching his jaw, Rufus

rk, he could be likened to a snake peacefully lying in the grass, but once startled, he would begin to strike and bite her.

However… From the first time they met, she had always seen Clark as a kindhearted man with good intentions. Most of all, he seemed to genuinely have feelings for her. Wouldn't it be unthinkable for such a good man to scheme anything against her?

"Aren't you just blowing things out of proportion?"

Cassandra was burning with curiosity. With her throat quite parched, she let out a dry cough to clear her windpipe. Softly and lightly, Rufus patted her back, feeling a bit disheartened by what just happened.

"Cassandra, I'm going to let you in on a secret. But you will have to pretend that you don't know anything about it."

All of a sudden, Rufus's had a stern look on his face. Upon telling her that, he rested his hands on Cassandra's shoulders.

"Very well then, I'm all ears."

The grim look of Rufus's face made her heart slip into overdrive, causing her to also turn serious.

Taking in a deep breath, Rufus thought this might be the best right time to unveil the secret he had got wind of just recently.

"Clark and Amanda, the two of them used to be an item."

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