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   Chapter 378 Be Mindful of Clark (Part One)

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They were inside a guest room. Its layout was exactly the same as that of the hotel's.

"Rufus, you're truly despicable!"

Cassandra furiously yelled at him with her hoarse voice.

"Yes, I guess you're right. If I don't act like this, then you'll just be taken away from me by someone even more despicable,"

Rufus retorted, burying his head onto Cassandra, as if he had been waiting for that moment for so long.

This took her breath away. Rufus's insufferable behavior abruptly came to a halt. As for his voice, there seemed to be a hint of... sadness?

Was he actually getting jealous of Clark?

"Cassandra, I know there's no way you can be with Clark. And I may have mistreated you in the past, but believe me, I genuinely regret all of the stupid things I have done. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me and come back into my arms again?"

Rufus pleaded earnestly.

How is it that an arrogant man such as Rufus was able to throw away his pride so easily just to beg for Cassandra's forgiveness? For whatever reason, that was what just happened right in front of her very eyes. That could probably be the most selfless thing a man like him could do.

He earnestly asked her to forgive him, begged even, to get back together with him, and most of all, to take away the pain he had been going through.

'Cassandra, this pain in my chest is killing me!' he screamed deep inside.

That was the first time she had ever seen him in his most vulnerable state, which was drastically in contrast with his usual conceited and intimidating self in the past. This confused Cassandra so much, to the point that she couldn't tell which was actually the real Rufus.

After being dumbfounded for a moment, Cassandra opened her mouth, "Okay. Let's say that I do choose to forgive you. Just take a look outside, look at all of those people. Tell me, could you honestly change your decision at such a crucial moment?"

Cassandra asked, letting out a pit

ealized this much sooner, they wouldn't have gotten themselves caught up in such a predicament.

Be that as it may, whether he was telling the truth or not, the lock she had placed in her heart had been undone. It had been so long since she last felt this relieved.

"Rufus, the guests are all waiting for you. You should go. You shouldn't keep everyone waiting. I just hope that you'll do it right this time. Try not to hurt Amanda the way you hurt me."

Cassandra pulled away from Rufus's tender embrace. Although she wanted to bask in his warmth, she knew she had to do what was right and let him go.

'Rufus, I missed your touch. But it's just too late!' she wept deep down.

"Don't you trust me?"

Anxiously, Rufus asked. He was just being sincere, trying to apologize to Cassandra. But even after he revealed his true feelings, warts and all, why did she still insist on pushing him away?

"No, Rufus, you got it all wrong. It's not that I don't trust you. I just have no idea how we could possibly pick up from where we left after everything that had happened. If we get back together, you'll be making a fool out of Amanda, her father, and the entire Tang Family. I couldn't risk driving a wedge between you and those people or have you blamed for deserting Amanda so you could be with me."

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