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   Chapter 377 The Kiss In The Dark

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Cassandra swayed with Clark, barely dancing on the dully lit floor. Her mood was gloomy as she forcefully made herself move. She looked like a lifeless doll, being dragged by Clark. Just after one song, her forehead started to sparkle due to beads of sweat.

Th place was too crowded, rendering the atmosphere suffocating. Cassandra desperately needed to get out for some fresh air.

"Sorry, I have to use the restroom,"

yelled Cassandra through the music, making an excuse to take some time off her enthusiastic dancing partner.

Clark nodded at her with a smile and asked a waiter to show her the way.

Cassandra forced a smile back at him and walked out of the hall, relieved. Clark didn't notice the evident fatigue on her face. He went to fetch himself a glass of champagne to join someone in small talk.

The ballroom bustled with the sound of music and laughter, heating the atmosphere. As soon as Cassandra stepped out of the hall, she was hit by chilly air. The corridor was desolate, exactly the antithesis of the raucous party. She wished she had taken her coat.

Exhausted, she looked back at the crowd that simmered with excitement and listened to the sound of music coming from within. Lowering her tired eyes, she smiled wryly.

She felt far off from this happy world. The noise and laughter only made her feel more lonely.

Cassandra looked at the few people scattered at the deck, slowly finding herself walking toward them for a few moments of quietude.

Cool, soothing breeze blew in her face, but it wasn't enough to make her feel better. Depression had seized the last of her joys, making her feel cold and indifferent.

She looked up at the twinkling stars, dim against the brightly lit deck. It seemed like they winked at the world from up there, at all the human beings below, at the people in that party and at Cassandra.

As ever, they sparkled glamorously like diamonds. She liked how their splendour never faded away. Alas, her own once peaceful and happy life was gone.

The strong wind was swaying her dress. She stood leaning on the railings and looking deep into the sky, completely lost in thoughts, unaware of anyone around her.

Another thing she didn't

his firm grip, but it only seemed to get tighter and tighter.

Rufus ignored her wish to escape completely and held both her hands, pressing them against the door now.

"Stop or I won't hold it back!"

Rufus warned. His threatening voice scared Cassandra, so she stopped fighting back. But she looked up to star at him with fierce eyes, breathing heavily.

Even though Rufus couldn't see her angry face in the pitch dark room, he could guess how pissed she was, which only pleased him.

He smiled wickedly and said, "Don't you look at me this way, Cassandra. I'd think you are flirting with me."

Cassandra let out a snort, turning her head away from him.

"Don't you miss me?" he said, inching closer to her neck.

"No, I don't, you freak! Just go to your engagement ceremony. I will consider this a good-bye kiss,"

Cassandra snapped back at him in the dark with her hoarse voice. Rufus stopped moving, taken aback by her words.

"You let me kiss you because you want a good-bye? Not because you wanted to?"

Rufus asked, irritated. Cassandra was hurting his self-esteem.

He was definitely not the kind of guy who could accept someone kissing him as a goodbye, instead of actually wanting to kiss him.

Now that she was answering so bluntly, he was too annoyed to hold it back.

"Cassandra, our relationship can't be ended by such a simple kiss. It's not that easy!"

Rufus sneered, lifting her up and flinging her onto the bed behind them.

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