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   Chapter 376 A Beautiful Butterfly (Part Two)

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Gathering her courage, she opened the door and walked out. She was greeted by Clark's wide open eyes and a steady flow of his compliments.

"You are so beautiful!"

Clark said breathily. He stared at her and took in her image, white fabric clinging to her form. His eyes were bright with emotion.

"Thank you,"

Cassandra said, feeling a blush creep into her cheeks. She grasped the skirts of the dress and made a curtsey.

The staff beside them giggled, marveling at the display of affection.

"Mr. Ji, Miss Qin, you look like the perfect couple," they declared.

Clark perked up at their praises. He decided to buy the gown immediately.

Cassandra looked around and found no trace of Rufus. Somehow, she felt a bit disappointed despite herself.

He must've come here with Amanda to choose her wedding gown. But now he was gone.

Cassandra was being torn with all the contradictions. She wanted to see him. Deep inside her heart she longed for the flutter that came at the sight of his figure, walking toward her with steady steps. But at the same time, she didn't want to see him, afraid of what could happen.

Clark saw her looking around and immediately knew what she was thinking. Putting an arm around her waist, he explained, "Rufus insisted that we go to his engagement party. We were talking, and somehow he became angry. Then, he and Amanda left."

Clark smiled at the woman in his arms.

Cassandra squeezed out a smile in response, as feelings she couldn't put a name started to stir from inside her.

Rufus and Amanda were officially going to be a couple. Should she feel happy? Relieved? This was what she had wanted. She would finally have her peace and she would not have to be involved in their relationship. She had always known that a happy endin

earing thin.

However, Clark held back for now. This was not the time to give in to his anger. There were still more things he had to do, and for that, he needed her to cooperate.

Cassandra lowered her head and said nothing. Before she came here, she had thought that she would be able to handle everything well. But the moment she stepped inside this cruise, with all its twinkling lights and soft music, her resolve crumbled.

She wanted to run away. She didn't want to come face-to-face with Amanda and Rufus's history, and now, their future. Her throat tightened as she thought of watching him holding Amanda in his arms, a place that used to belong to only her. She didn't have the courage to say goodbye to Rufus and let him and their memories go for good.

Cassandra was dancing with Clark, but her mind saw another, much more different face. She recalled of his dark eyes as he held her gaze, and the warmth that she felt in the gentleness of his arms. Her dress fluttered with every step as she moved with Rufus, and she felt lighter than air at the sight of his warm smile.

That time, with the touch of his hand on her skin, she felt as if she was a beautiful butterfly.

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