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   Chapter 375 A Beautiful Butterfly (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6063

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Charlie stared at Rufus expectantly, the corner of his eyes sharpening with doubt.

It took Rufus a moment to arrive to a decision. Nodding his head in assent, he thought to himself, 'I'm sorry, Cassandra. I have to say yes. I can't just watch Amanda go crazy because of me, and I don't want to see my teacher's hair turn gray with worry. I'll explain to you later, I promise. Please forgive me.'

And so things went according to Amanda and Charlie's expectations. An unnamed person had leaked the information to the media. By now, everyone knew that Rufus and Amanda were about to get engaged.

Rufus paid for his actions dearly. Cassandra had given him a resounding slap to his face. He could still feel the sting of her hand and her burning eyes. The pain from the impact killed his desire to explain to her as insides churned with fury.

'Fine. Two can play at this game, ' Rufus thought angrily.

With these hard feelings, he had sent the invitation to both Cassandra and Clark.

However, it took less than a second of seeing her again for him to instantly regret his decision.

'Damn it. What the hell am I doing? This is childish, ' he reproached himself.

Amanda, on the other hand, had visibly paled upon seeing Clark. Her complexion had turned pallid when she laid her eyes on him. Standing in front of him was a nightmare, in the flesh. She wanted to run far away from him. She had no need for any reminder of the countless unthinkable things he had done to her.

To make matters worse, Clark spoke to her, "What's the matter, Amanda? You look pale. It seems that your husband-to-be isn't taking care of you very well."

He was clearly baiting her. The smile on his face did nothing but make her feel even colder. She knew that the concern on his words masked a deep mockery.

Amanda op

rk again. She hoped desperately that the meeting today was nothing but an accident that would never repeat itself.

The car kept running forward until it disappeared in the flow of traffic, between the steady stream of cars and people whose lives were all entangled in that great big city.

When all four of them were in the store, Cassandra held her breath and listened carefully to what was happening outside, beyond the cover of the fitting room. She pressed as close as she could, but could not make things out clearly. There were the unmistakable voices from Clark and Rufus. One had an excited ring while the other was low and muted.

She was feeling nervous. She paced back and forth several times in the fitting room, and the staff beside started looking at her with strange eyes.

"Miss Qin, may I help you with the gown?"

one of them suggested with a smile. Truth be told, Cassandra was in no mood to try anything on, but she somehow had to find a way to stop the pairs of eyes that were looking at her. She knew she had behaved strangely, and so to cover for it, she accepted the suggestion.

When she finished changing and tidying her hair, things seemed to have quieted down outside.

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