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   Chapter 374 Cassandra Is Not Yours (Part Two)

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It seemed that he too was quite confident about this. He looked back at Clark disdainfully.

Cassandra was smart, she would never fall for Clark's tricks. Rufus believed that she already knew about his evil ways. He knew that Cassandra only pretended to be with Clark as an excuse to refuse him.

"Well, I am sure that her heart does not belong to a man who is betrothed to another, and thus, you can say that her heart does belong to me."

Without Cassandra around, Clark was free to display his foul soul. He stared back at Rufus sardonically. He was so pompously content with himself. Rufus had lost the woman he loved to him and he was close to winning her trust. In addition to that, even Amanda was under his thumb. Things couldn't be any better.

Rufus's eyes narrowed as he looked man in front of him. Clark and Arthur were the same type. They were both hypocrites who were willing to go to any extent to get what they wanted. But Clark was clearly worse—he was smarter than Arthur in every way.

He had got rid of Charlie's stool pigeons and even hid Cassandra away from him for so long. Arthur could never match the vileness of Clark.

"It doesn't matter if I am engaged or not. Cassandra will never be yours."

Rufus's words rang with confidence as he stared intensely at Clark.

"Well, aren't you a cocky one, Rufus? Do you really think that Cassandra will be with you again?"

Clark snorted. The malicious smirk still lingered on his face.

The door to a changing room opened and Amanda walked out in another beautiful dress.

The smile on her face disappeared as soon as she saw Clark. Her face became pale all of a sudden and she just couldn't help but shudder with fe

y to make her feel better to slow down the frequency and development of her disease. Please fake an engagement with her for my happiness. I have helped you before and in return I need you to help me with my daughter's condition."

Tears rolled down Charlie's wrinkled face. He had been a dominating and powerful figure all his life and Amanda was his one, and only, weak spot. He just couldn't stand seeing his darling daughter like this. It broke his heart and he had to turn to Rufus for help.

Seeing his mentor's anguish, Rufus felt stuck in a dilemma right now. He just wasn't sure of what to do.

No matter what, Amanda was in this state because of him. Now, her father, Charlie, wanted him to help her. It was reasonable. And he was also willing to do it. But... If Cassandra knew that he was engaged with Amanda, what would she think of that?

Charlie had somehow sensed Rufus's reservations, he put a hand on his chest to imply his sincerity and made a promise to Rufus.

"Don't worry, Rufus. I will surely explain the whole matter to Cassandra later. I promise. I will do anything as soon as Amanda gets better!"

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