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   Chapter 373 Cassandra Is Not Yours (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5963

Updated: 2019-07-04 22:25

"Rufus, do I look good in this one?"

Amanda had changed into a beautiful dress and was twirling happily in front of Rufus.

Her makeup enhanced the happy and shy smile that danced on her face. The beautiful dress billowed around her perfect frame.

Her eyes shone as she looked at Rufus expectantly. She hoped to elicit praise from him, that was all she wanted from the man she loved.

All she heard was silence. Rufus had just glanced at her cursorily and hummed absentmindedly. He showed no interest in her attire nor how lovely she looked in it. It appeared as if he didn't care at all.

Amanda was heartbroken, but she smiled through it resolutely.

"Let me try on another dress!"

she quipped enthusiastically after regaining composure and twirled back into the changing room, leaving Rufus in the exhibition hall.

Rufus didn't mind. He looked around, his eyes sweeping across the designer wedding dresses that filled the shop. He accompanied Amanda here to choose a dress for their impending engagement. She had been looking forward to this for so long and it showed in her childlike excitement.

In fact, she had wanted Michelle to design a dress for her but Rufus unthinkingly refused.

He remembered the time when he asked Michelle to design a dress specially for Cassandra. This memory had prompted him to refuse Amanda's request. He didn't understand why, but he just couldn't see Amanda in a dress designed by Michelle.

He still lived bitterly in the past, floating and sinking in Cassandra's memories till he found it hard to breathe.

Suddenly, the door to the big store opened and a woman and a man walked in.

"Cassandra, this is the biggest store for wedding dresses in G City. They make stunning dresses that are all designed by prominent des

hanging room did Rufus withdraw his gaze from her. He stared at the conceited man standing smugly in front of him.

"Clark, what the hell do you want?"

Rufus's face was dark with anger as he wished his gaze was a knife that could pierce the man in front of him, multiple times.

"What do I want? What can I do, Mr. Luo? I just fell in love with a woman who had previously loved you. Now she is single and so am I. We are free to love, aren't we?"

The smirk on Clark's face was so infuriating that Rufus wanted to punch a hole in him. His eyes flashed venomously at Rufus while he said those words.

"You can't be with her,"

Rufus growled menacingly with each word he said.

"Yeah? But what if she wants to be with me? She has the right to be with the one she wants to be with. Do you really think that you can force her?"

snorted Clark evidently enjoying himself as his smirk grew bigger. This was exactly what he wanted to do—to provoke Rufus and watch him suffer.

He revelled in instigating his ire. The angrier Rufus got, the better. This was the extent of his hatred for Rufus.

"Her heart will never belong to you! Don't even think about it!" chortled Rufus.

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