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   Chapter 371 Consequences (Part One)

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This was truly a moment of anguish for Cassandra. She looked down to avoid Rufus's eyes, fearing that she would be unable to hold back her tears if she met his gaze. She refused to let herself cry in front of him.

Rufus had not the slightest idea what was on her mind. His brows furrowed as he looked at her downcast eyes.

"What's the matter now? Are you thinking of the past? Those were good times, huh?"

he asked with a wicked smile. He had meant to tease her, wanting to see her fluster. She was not the only one thinking of the past. For the past months, he had been doing nothing else but chase the memory, so as to soothe the ache that her absence had left him with. And now, he wanted to see her act shyly yet cutely, like she had always done before him.

The next thing he knew, a sharp impact landed on his face.

Cassandra had slapped him. The sound sliced and echoed through the room, as a red, angry mark started to bloom on Rufus's skin.

"What the hell?"

Rufus gasped, holding a hand to his cheek. It was the first time he had ever gotten slapped by a woman, not to mention in front of so many people!

His eyes glowed with fury. The heat spread all over his body as he looked at the woman in front of him with rage.

Cassandra matched his gaze with her own anger. Without batting an eyelash, she raised her chin.

"No offense, but you are really acting in the same way as those perverts who enjoy harassing women," she seethed, her voice trembling with anger. "Get the hell out of my face, for old time's sake, or I will really despise you! If the man I have once loved is such a scum, at least don't let me know about it," she spat.

Cassandra knew that she had hit him hard. She felt it in her own hand as it throbbed from the blow. But she was not going to apologize at all for it.

"Are you out of your mind? How could you hit me? I can't believe it!"

Rufus exclaimed, his eyes gluing to hers in fury and disbelief. She had actually slapped him. Ho

eering over their shoulders with curious, gossiping eyes.

The restaurant was small, and it seldom had the honor of receiving guests with such a high profile as him. He had already attracted unwanted attention by merely entering it, and now he was slapped by a woman in the midst of people having their meals. The whole commotion was certainly something new.

However, Rufus had simply ignored the stares and murmurs from all directions. His eyes were locked straight to the door from which Cassandra had left. His eyes flashed with anger and he was seized with burning hatred.

'How could you do this to me, Cassandra?' he clenched his teeth.

'I've had enough of begging. If you're determined to be so heartless, then so be it. You want me to be with Amanda? Fine, I'll do exactly as you wish, and let's see whether you can really turn a blind eye to it!' he thought bitterly.

For the next days, G City had been abuzz about the engagement of the prolific pianist, Amanda Ke, and the most wanted bachelor, Rufus Luo.

There was nothing but praise from people all over, saying that they were a match made in heaven. According to news, a grand engagement ceremony would be held and many important names were in attendance, from politicians to businessmen and socialites. A grand party was fitting for the grand couple.

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