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   Chapter 370 Old Wounds (Part Two)

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It seemed that Clark knew Rufus well. After his confirmation of Rufus and Amanda's history, Cassandra felt as if a block of concrete had been dropped on her, and she strained to keep her balance. Her eyes turned dim at the mention of the two lovers.

All this did not escape Clark, and he smiled inwardly in satisfaction. "Alright, you've had a long day. Rest early. I'll go upstairs to sleep now. See you tomorrow morning," he said.

He reached out a hand to rub Cassandra's head comfortingly.

Cassandra nodded and went back to her own bedroom. Just as she closed her eyes, the sound of piano drifted into her ears.

The melody floated in the air, and the wind carried the sounds to her. Again and again, the song 'Fairy Tale' was played.

"When will I see you again;

When will the sky clear from rain;

When will all the stars start to shine;

When will I know that you're mine…"

She shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath, calming herself down.

'Cassandra, learn your lesson. If you play with fire there will be nothing but burns and scars. Stop tempting yourself with the impossible, ' she told herself.

By now, it shouldn't even be a question to her anymore. She had to get away from that man. All that would follow of she went near him would be lies and betrayal and pain. How could she trust him when he had said one thing but did another? All she wanted now was to live a simple and stable life.

'Rufus, I still love you, but I can't be with you, ' she thought to herself, then remembered him with Amanda. 'Three is a crowd. I no longer have the strength to deal with all of that.

way from me you bastard! I have a boyfriend now, so can you please just stop with all this nonsense?"

Since she had already shown her temper to him, there was no more reason for her to hold back.


Rufus's eyebrows shot up in question and stared at the very angry woman in front of him.

It was a look he had never seen on her. Her cheeks were red and her eyes glinted wildly with anger. Rufus chuckled despite that. He felt like a fool, getting some sort of enjoyment from being yelled at.

It seemed that Cassandra had been resolved to drive him away, but it was not that easy.

"Perhaps," he answered her. "But I've done plenty of worse things these past months. This is actually the least," Rufus teased.

Keeping his voice low, he leaned forward to draw nearer to Cassandra. The typical playful smile surfaced on his face, fueling her anger further.

The way he spoke inevitably reminded her of the days when they were still together. It pierced Cassandra like knives, slicing at her heart and reopening stitches she had barely managed to make.

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