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   Chapter 369 Old Wounds (Part One)

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The two men bore a sheer contrast between each other, like the disparity between night and day—one was firm and stubborn, the other soft and soothing. When their hands met, they were in a solid grip, strength for strength, as if their hands were speaking in mute declaration.

Rufus was undeterred, grasping the other man's hand with force.

Clark held a casual smile, responded in kind with a hard grip of own.

The tension between the two men was undeniable. Cassandra could almost smell in the air. The quiet animosity one held for the other left her speechless, as if one sound would trigger a ticking time bomb.

"Clark, it's late. Let's go back!"

Cassandra finally said when the pressure had been too much to bear. She held Clark's hand, trying to get in the middle of the two men.

Upon feeling her hand, Clark released his grip with Rufus, not breaking his gaze until the last moment. A meaningful smile played on his lips. He turned around and followed Cassandra in.

Rufus balled his fists against the urge to wipe that smug look off his face. Clark knew what he was doing. Fury coiled inside Rufus's gut as he felt the fire lick at his insides.

'Clark! You bastard!' Rufus exclaimed inwardly.

It was only when the two were inside the cottage that Cassandra pulled her hand back, looking at Clark apologetically.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't think of anything else to get away," she explained.

Clark's eyes darkened at her words.

"There's nothing to apologize for. It wouldn't be a problem for me to play the part of your boyfriend anytime."

His words held nothing back. The outright confession sent goose bumps to bloom on Cassandra's skin.

"How did you know Rufus?" she asked, diverting the subject.

Cassandra did not want to pursue the ma

d at Cassandra gently.

Cassandra thought about the suggestion. He was right. If she said that Clark and she were a couple, they had to behave like one. How else would they be able to convince Rufus?

"Don't worry, Cassandra. I won't disturb you. You can live just like before. I'll make sure not to make my presence a discomfort,"

Clark reassured after seeing her thoughtful expression. At this, Cassandra waved her hands in denial as she tried to explain, "Oh, no. It's not that. I'm not worried about that. I'm just afraid that it might cause you inconvenience!"

She had already received help from Clark countless times. Now, here he was again, going as far as to pretend to be her partner in order for Rufus to leave her alone. Cassandra felt embarrassed when she thought of the favors he had done for her.

"It wouldn't be an inconvenience. Don't think of it like that," he said gently. "When that man and I first got to know each other, he was in a relationship with that famous pianist, Amanda Ke. I've heard about what happened to the two of you as well, and I know what he did." He held her gaze as he finished meaningfully, "You deserve a better man, Cassandra."

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