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   Chapter 367 How Are You (Part One)

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"Where does Cassandra live now?"

Rufus inquired Victor as he made his way to the car. He couldn't wait any longer since he was craving to see Cassandra.

Victor hesitated for a second. But in the end, he chose to tell Rufus the truth, "She now lives in the villa that is located right next to yours in Garden Villa."

After declaring the truth, Victor felt much more relieved. The weight on his shoulder was finally gone. In truth, Victor himself was startled when he learnt about Cassandra's whereabouts.

'Is this some sort of irony?' he had wondered, astonished. All these days, Cassandra had lived in the villa next to Rufus's and yet nobody had discovered it.

Once Victor's words sank in, Rufus's eyes turned wide. He expected it to be some sort of joke.

"What? You got to be kidding me!" Rufus replied sternly.

Then his mind went back to his neighboring house. He thought back to the interaction he had with the lady who lived there.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had felt an eerie feeling from her presence. An inexplicable sense of familiarity and trust in her had awoken in his mind. But the woman's voice was entirely different from Cassandra's hence he never had any doubt that she might be Cassandra.

'Jesus Christ! That was Cassandra! How did this happen?

Why does she live in the neighboring villa? Did she do it on purpose or was it merely a coincidence?

Either way, I am affirmative that Cassandra must have known it was me while we had that conversation. It is beyond me why she pretended to not have known me!' Rufus thought, confusedly.

At this moment, he was wracking his mind for answers. Taking a deep breath, he discarded these thoughts out of his mind. 'My priority is to find her. Everything else can be sorted out later, ' he thought to himself with determination.

The car sped toward the Garden Villa. By now, R

t the stubborn woman standing before him. 'Maybe her voice has changed, but her temper is as same as it was before. I see no difference, ' he thought to himself.

Hearing Rufus's question, Cassandra had an urge to burst into laughter. She couldn't fathom why he was being so foolish.

"Because It's unnecessary for us to meet. We broke up. Don't you remember? And most importantly, you are Amanda's boyfriend now!" she exclaimed.

Even while speaking this, Cassandra's heart started to ache. Yet she tried her best to maintain an indifferent face. She couldn't let him see her vulnerability.

"So what about it? That has happened several times in the past. But this time, you left me without any trace. Tell me frankly, what makes this break-up different from the rest?"

It was with great difficulty Rufus had found Cassandra. In fact, he wasn't able to track her down on his own. He had to take help from several men before he could find her. There was a part of him that told him someone had deliberately helped Cassandra hide her tracks.

"Well...Didn't my mother mention that I am already seeing someone else? And this villa belongs to him. I'm leading a happy life with him now. I would appreciate it if you could stop intervening."

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