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   Chapter 366 Promise To Engage With Amanda (Part Two)

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"This can't be happening. Tell me this isn't real. Is Rufus actually planning to marry this deranged woman? I don't like where this is going!" she softly said, downright perplexed.

Everything just happened so fast, making it harder for her to accept it.

"Not a single word. We'll just have to wait around and see,"

Horace flatly responded. But truth be told, deep down inside, the idea actually felt exhilarating for him.

If Rufus and Amanda truly were to be engaged, then that would satisfy the conditions set by the enigmatic investor.

The Tang Group would be swimming in a sea of money, and with that, the Group would be able to finally get back up again. As a result, he wouldn't have to worry about anything when he retired. Everything was now set, and all that he needed now was to get the go signal from Rufus.

His heart was throbbing from excitement, realizing that what he yearned for was suddenly within reach without even having to give the slightest effort. It seemed that all he had to do was wait and fate would just bring everything to him.

Trying to regain composure, Amanda looked into Rufus's eyes.

"Rufus, you're not just pulling my leg, right? The two of us are really gonna get engaged, right?" she asked anxiously.

The look she had on her face was so serious, making it feel as if no one would be able to say no to whatever she might ask for. It was crystal clear that hearing Rufus would be marrying her gave her a reason to live, putting glitter in her eyes.

Rufus simply bobbed his head, but there was no passion in his eyes at all.

"Carefully take my hand and let me help you get down from there. Be the good girl I've always known you to be!" he insisted.

Given that he had already told a lie, he thought that it wouldn't make a difference if he were to make a couple more. For as long as it could help guarantee Amanda's safety, Rufus was willing to say whatever she needed to hear, at least, for the moment.

After making sure all of it was real, Amanda was finally able to let her guard down, shooting him a smile. Slowly moving away from the railings, she ran over to Rufus's arms right away, not taking her eyes off him or even blinking, afraid that he might disappear and that it could all be just a dream.

Everyone else who was watching was on the edge of their seat. Feasting their eyes on Amanda as she approached Rufus, it was as though someone had stopped the sands of time.

However unwillingly, he welcomed her with arms wide open.

It felt like it took forever before Amanda could throw

I've never once even thought about touching the fifty million which you speak of, and meaning to say, you didn't really pay for me. It doesn't matter what you're thinking, but I will never admit to something I didn't do,"

Rufus glaringly responded. By having that line of reasoning, he thought Horace must have lost his marbles. And for the life of him, he would never clean up a mess which Lionel caused.

"Preposterous! I will always be your father whether you like it or not. You are my blood, and I will never give up on you no matter what!"

Horace blew a fuse and had enough of Rufus's pigheadedness. Then, he gasped to get a breath of fresh air.

"Please save yourself the trouble! You should just focus on your dear Lionel instead of me. I'll just see you when I see you, I guess!"

After speaking his mind, Rufus headed toward the exit and left without bothering to take a glance at Horace.

"Stupid son of mine! What will you get from making your old man's blood boil?"

Horace yelled as he left, trembling all over out of anger. However, Rufus didn't turn back. What Horace said went in one ear and out the other, showing his father no form of respect.

"I hope by now you've realized that he has always been such an ungrateful man. I guess he never really looked up to you as a father. You shouldn't depend on him any longer, Horace!"

Jill was trying to cause a stir. For as long as Rufus wouldn't return, Lionel would be the one to inherit the Tang Group by default, and that was the result she was praying for.

But somewhere deep in her heart, she had a hunch that something was amiss, wondering whether Rufus would really give it all up and leave the Group just like that.

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