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   Chapter 364 If You Take One More Step

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The embers of Charlie's rage was fanned alive once again with Rufus's indifference.

"Son of a bitch! You dare lie to my face? Rufus! I was wrong about you!"

His face turned red. Never had he been so angry with anyone before.

"Charlie, it's true that Amanda and I had a disagreement, but I didn't fracture her hand."

Rufus kept himself composed. He did not know all the facts yet, but it was good to be careful. He was alert, his senses keen. He was ready to protect himself should the need arise.

Charlie was his mentor. He was the man who taught him that he should not let his emotions get the better of him. Of all people, he should be the one to keep his senses with him.

"Then, did she break her hand herself?" Charlie gestured towards Amanda. "The evidence is clear, Rufus! Why are you still not admitting your fault?"

Charlie looked at the student that he had once been so proud of. His blood surged into his brain as he looked at him now.

When he saw his daughter's swollen eyes and the bandage on her arm, he was out for blood.

Rufus had the damned audacity to hurt his beloved daughter? There was just simply no way he would let this pass. Charlie started to raise his hand and reach for him.

"Dad, just stop!" Amanda exclaimed, getting his attention. "Let's just go!"

Suddenly she was on her feet, her eyes welling up with tears. She grabbed the sleeves of her father with her other hand tightly, pleading to him with her gaze.

Charlie could not take it at all. Seeing his daughter still letting Rufus get away only fueled his anger.

"Rufus, explain yourself! I have to hear what's inside the head of yours," Charlie snapped.

All eyes were fixed on Rufus and Amanda. The air crackled between the two, as if it waiting for a spark to set it ablaze.

Rufus turned to Amanda. Every detail on her face was in the right in place, as if she were a porcelain doll who would break at the slightest movement.

"Just because I pushed you when I left, you got fractured?"

Rufus asked, his brows creasing as he was filled with confusion and disbelief.

He did push Amanda, but he knew how much strength he used. The idea that she would get fractured from a small push was far-fetched.

Could it all have been planned?

"Rufus! You of all people should know very well that Amanda's hands are invaluable. She's a pianist, for God's sake! How could you use force? Look what you've done. Her wrist is fractured! Are you out of your mind? Do you have a death wish?"

Charlie almost went cross-eyed with rage upon hearing Rufus's confirmation. The bastard had dared lay a hand on his daughter.

"Dad, let's go. I'm begging you. I really don't want to be here anymore. I don't care if he doesn't want to admit it. I don't blame him," Amanda pleaded.

Tears streamed down her delicate face, lending a sorrowful air to her features.

Her pleas broke Charlie's heart. He was enraged that Rufus hurt her. He was going to settle this right here, right now.

"No, Amanda. I will not let this bastard get away with what he has done," Charlie said firmly to his daughter. He turned to Ruf

ming in his heart turned into full-on pounding. Rufus struggled for a moment to keep his wits about him, Then he turned back and looked at Amanda.

"You can break my arms or legs, but there is something I need to do before that. After I finish, I'll be back, and I'll give you whatever you wish."

His mind was racing a-mile-a-minute with thoughts of Cassandra. An overwhelming feeling of anticipation enveloped him upon thinking that finally, she had been found. He could meet her again, talk to her, and take her in his arms.

No sooner had he finished his sentence than he started to leave. Charlie was seething with rage.

"Amanda! Do you really think that this sorry excuse of a man is worth your love? He doesn't even care about you. Why do you insist on being with him? Just look at him! One word about that other woman and he's on his feet without any thought for you!"

Then, he turned to Rufus and shouted, "You, stop! We're not done here!"

Rufus did stop in his tracks, but made no move to turn around.

At this moment, a loud cry sounded.


While everyone had their eyes on Rufus and Charlie, in one quick moment, Amanda dashed upstairs. No one would have imagined her actions.

Before anyone realized what happened, Amanda had already reached the second floor.

The noise from behind him finally made Rufus turn around. A terrible sense of knowing rose in him as he watched her madly run up the flights of stairs.

In a split second he was on his feet, rushing after her. Everyone else started to realize the situation and followed suit.

But Amanda, with the advantage of time, reached the third floor first, after which she tried to pass through the attic to reach the rooftop.

"Oh my God!" Jill exclaimed, turning white. "Is she trying to jump?"

Her words added to the tension as people ran after the woman.

Rufus felt as his heart was hanging in mid-air. When he reached the rooftop, Amanda was at the edge of the roof with her back to him, holding on to the railing.

"Don't come closer! Take one more step, and I'll jump!"

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