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   Chapter 363 A Setback In the Middle Of A Chase

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10287

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Rufus stood unmoving, his dark eyes fixed at Cassandra.

For the longest time he had been desperately chasing her, looking for her in the face of strangers. Now, she was here in from of him, in the flesh. All semblance of thought and logic fled from him, he merely looked at her, taking in her form.

He had taken all the steps and precautions he could think of. Even on his way to this place, he had given orders to Victor to find out where Edith lived from the TV station staff. If she wasn't there by the time he arrived, he could head for her house.

And here he was now, standing in front of the woman who had been plaguing his dreams. Finally, they met again.

"Did you hear me? Get out of the way!"

Edith snapped, breaking Rufus's trance.

Rufus turned to her. Where should he begin? He wanted to explain how long and how desperately he had been looking for them, but words failed him as his heart pounded inside his chest.

"Can I talk to Cassandra?" he asked in a low voice.

His eyes softened as he spoke, his emotions flashing across them. Was it an appeal?

Edith certainly didn't buy it. She wouldn't let her daughter go with him, not even if the annoying Rufus was God himself. Cassandra had been through enough, and she had another man by her side now. There was no way Edith would let this troublemaker touch even a strand of hair on her daughter.

"She has nothing to say to you! She has someone else. Stay away from her and leave her in peace!"

Edith shouted at him, trying to scare him off. But Rufus just kept gazing Cassandra, his gaze pouring with longing.

She had a boyfriend? Who was it? When did they meet? How long had they been together? He felt his chest constrict at his questions.

"Cassandra, could you give me a minute?" he asked her. "Please."

Rufus turned to Cassandra directly and reached for her. She froze like a block of ice.

"What are you doing? Keep your hands off her! She doesn't want to talk to you! This is harassment. You have no manners!"

Edith stood in front of her daughter like a hen protecting its chick. Her eyes were ablaze with threat and anger as she pulled her daughter behind her.

She knew now that she had made a lot of mistakes as a mother. She had watched as her daughter suffered as consequences of her mistakes. It was the biggest regret she had, and she would atone for it with her life. No one would hurt her daughter if she could prevent it.

The sound of her screams alerted the crowd around them. Onlookers began to gather, wondering what the matter was all about.

It was almost like a scene straight out of a dram. A man wanted to patch it up with the daughter and the mother stood in his way.

On top of that, it was not just any man. Some people were already beginning to recognize Rufus as the boss of the Tang Group. What was he doing here in the TV station?

Edith got more annoyed as the crowd thickened around them. Cassandra had turned to stone, not saying anything.

"Let's go, Cassandra!"

Edith stormed off, pulling her daughter by the hand. She halted r

know where your own son is? Tell me now or I'll have my men take your place down!" he threatened and stepped closer to the two. "Talk, or I will personally make sure your precious company will bite the dust. There would be nothing left of it, trust me," he hissed.

Charlie seated his beloved daughter on the sofa and stood at the center of the hall himself, towering over Horace and Jill with fire in his eyes. Some curious and shocked servants looked at the tall man in amazement and fear.

Anger emanated from him and petrified the people in the room.

Suddenly, the door swung open and showed Rufus in.

"Mr. Ke, I am here. What's wrong?"

Rufus's appearance was like water being poured over the fire. Charlie's anger died down with a sizzle until the embers went out and only smoke lingered. Silence fell, as if the room itself was holding it's breath.

Charlie turned to Rufus, then faced him with his hands crossed behind his back.

Rufus didn't look scared at all. His face was devoid of expression, which provided a stark contrast to angry lines marring Charlie's face.

"Finally, you are here. Then we can figure everything out," Charlie snarled, then stood in front of Rufus and fixed his burning eyes at him and his jaws clenched. "Now, let's settle the matter. Why did you let this happen to my daughter! Her arm is broken and you have left her alone! Don't you have any respect for me?"

Charlie bellowed. The people in the room flinched at the deafening sound of his voice. Rufus stood still in the midst of the intensity of his anger.

He threw a glance at Amanda, who was sitting on the sofa with a bandaged arm.

Rufus had been in bandages before as well. The accident gave him a fracture that kept him in bed for a long time. His damaged leg looked much different after recovery. Even though the scar was not obvious, one look was all it took to know that it had been hurt.

"I don't understand. What does her broken arm have to do with me?"

Rufus replied to Charlie, meeting his eyes without hesitation.

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