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   Chapter 362 They Finally Met (Part Two)

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The competition between the Tang Group and the Dawn Star Group had been tense in the past few weeks as each tried to take over the market. The Tang Group was an exceptional and experienced company while the latter was new in the industry, no connections nor prestige. Lionel was convinced that he could beat Arthur without even lifting a finger.

When he walked out of the Tang Group, Rufus asked Victor to book him a plane ticket to the headquarters of the TY Group.

He couldn't care less about the Tang group. Lionel could do whatever he wanted with it. He would just sit back and watch how Horace and Lionel try to beat Arthur.

Rufus knew Arthur well. They had been involved in many confrontations. He was a difficult man to deal with. Vicious and greedy, the man would resort to all means if he had something to gain. It would be entertaining to see Lionel struggle in his grip.

He wouldn't be surprised if he found Horace on his knees in front of him, begging him to take over the company.

Rufus's lips curled into a cruel smile. That was a sight he wouldn't mind seeing.

Rufus sat in the VIP lounge in the airport as he waited for his flight. A cooking show was on air. It seemed to be the trend lately, and everyone was talking about it. After the opening credits, a woman in her 40s showed up, smiling at the audience.

Rufus took one glance at her and he froze.

Was his eyes playing tricks on him? The woman he saw in screen was Cassandra's mother, Edith.

She looked energetic and youthful as she explained the recipe to the audience. She gave tips here and there about how to handle ingredients and what to watch out for.

She was a good host. She knew how to instruct people well and she would bring up some allusions from time to time while cooking to keep the viewers entertain

held Cassandra's arm and picked up her pace, dragging her along the way.

She had not the slightest inkling of her daughter's feelings. Cassandra had been dodging Rufus for such a long time, and she had never imagined she would meet him again here of all places, in the middle of the bustling TV station. She did not know how to feel or react.

Rufus recognized Cassandra in the crowd too. His eyes immediately went to her.

She was wearing a thick coat, but she looked thin, even more than before. It seemed that she had lost weight, and her face was pale.

Rufus strode towards her, pushing his way in between people. His eyes never left her as he got closer and closer.

However, Cassandra didn't even bother lifting up her head to take a glance. She buried her face in her scarf, not looking into his eyes. Rufus bit his tongue against the words that were threatening to escape from him.

"Excuse me, sir. You're in the way. Don't you know how to make way for the elderly?"

Edith lectured sternly. She could tell that Cassandra didn't want to talk to Rufus, and she would take her away using all means possible.

She never liked the man anyway, and she was in no mood to be nice to him.

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