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   Chapter 361 They Finally Met (Part One)

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Edith had no way of hiding her disappointment. Upon seeing her mother's expression, Cassandra immediately offered her words to comfort her, "I will visit father with you when I'm free. Please don't worry, mother."

Cassandra's chest tightened at the sight of her mother's fake smile.

"The last time I visited your father, he told me to pay more attention to you. The world is not kind to women, especially a divorced woman. There are expectations that we have to fulfill," Edith said, her eyes wistful. She turned to Cassandra and continued, "I promised him that I would find you a good man as soon as possible. But you're still single until now. I'm getting older. Your father and I don't want to leave you alone. What am I going to say when I visit him next time?"

Edith sighed and Cassandra had mixed feelings about her words.

"Mother, what are you talking about? I'm not alone at all. I have you. Besides, you of all people should know better. You're working too, and we're not doing too bad. The two of us are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. We don't need anyone else," she replied, diverting Edith from talks of marriage.

Cassandra did not want her mother to worry, because it seemed that she had taken her husband's words to heart.

It was not until after a long lecture that Edith went back to her bedroom.

Cassandra sighed quietly as her mother retired to her own bedroom. She could understand what she was so worried about.

Edith was getting old. She was becoming more and more conscious of her age, and she found herself thinking more and more of Cassandra and her future when the inevitable came.

However, finding a man was the last thing on Cassandra's mind. She knew that her scars ran deep, and she no longer had any desire for a lover, or a relationship.

Deep down, Cassandra knew that Edith wanted her and Clark to marry. She had seen the way her mother's eyes lingered wishfully on them when Edith thought she wasn't looking. However, there were things that you j

s no question about Rufus's capability to lead. It was an undeniable fact. The executives had seen with their own eyes the disparity between the brothers. Lionel was a far cry from his brother. He did not have the slightest idea on how to manage a company, not to mention how to deal with a tense competition. Rufus was the backbone of the Tang Group. Without him, it was only a matter of time before everything crumbled.

Lionel waved his hands sharply, silencing the onslaught of questions coming from all directions. The room quieted down. He sat on Rufus's chair and leaned back leisurely.

It had been a while since he last sat on this chair, let alone entering this conference room. Now that he was finally back, his excitement had no bounds.

"Now then, let's proceed with the meeting. Where were we just now? Ah, that's right. Change in personnel is very common. Please don't worry, everyone. I heard that you were in the middle of discussions about the Dawn Star Group. Listen, I don't even think they are a threat to us!" he announced.

Lionel held a deep hatred for Arthur. In their younger days, Arthur was nothing but a character in the background. He used to tag along and chase after Lionel like a dog to its master. Lionel was beyond humiliated when he learned that the bastard dared to start a company to compete with him!

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