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   Chapter 360 Cassandra Got Her Mother’s Love Back

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Lionel felt uncomfortable under Rufus's steady gaze. Despite his guilty conscience, he dared to lift his eyes up to meet Rufus's.

But of course, his eyes wavered, no where close to Rufus's sharp and fixed gaze.

"I did not spend that fifty million,"

Rufus said coldly, his eyes zeroing in on Lionel.

"You're lying! The money was transferred to an unknown overseas account right after you asked Lionel to hand over the documents to the treasurer! Tell me, Rufus! Where is the money? How do you explain this?"

Horace gritted his teeth together with hatred, thinking Rufus had appropriated public funds for his personal use.

"There's nothing to explain! Like I said, I didn't take the money. You can investigate and verify, if you want!"

Rufus found this accusation ridiculous. He was the chairman of TY Group! Why would he need to steal fifty millions from Tang Group?

Clearly, someone wanted to incriminate him.

"Investigation? You know how difficult it is to check overseas accounts. Just get the money back and clear the transfer records before the old guys on the board of directors notice it. Once they're triggered, I cannot simmer their anger down even if I try,"

Horace continued yelling at Rufus, pointing his shaking finger right at his face. He wasn't ready to believe his son hadn't taken the money.

He never paid any attention to the fact that Rufus wasn't the kind of person who would misappropriate public funds and deceive everybody.

"I'm telling you again, I have nothing to do with this. Just find whoever is responsible for this and you shall have the truth,"

Rufus retorted icily. Perhaps, Horace was getting senile. Why else would he categorically press on Rufus for being after this?

Jill, who had been a silent spectator until now, also started to blame Rufus, "Rufus, we've always been nice to you, and this is how you thank us? We have treated you like a member of Tang family!"

Jill glared at Rufus with burning, reproachful eyes, sharp enough to burn a hole in his body.

"Ha! Aren't you the one who always keeps denying this very fact? When have you ever treated me like a part of this family?"

Rufus talked back instantly, making Jill's face grow red with anger.

"Rufus, we should settle this matter privately. Let's not make such a mess out of it. It will do none of us any good,"

Lionel chipped in, obviously siding with his parents.

Suddenly, Rufus felt out of place. He looked at the three people in front of him, who looked back at him with hostility and rejection.

"Just make an investigation. There's nothing else I want to say," Rufus said with a sneer.

Each of the three harbored sinister thoughts. Clearly, inside this brilliantly lit villa, right in the middle of this massive hall, the decadent Tang Family was going to be bankrupt.

Before they could say anything further, Rufus strode upstairs to h

rd the kitchen. Cassandra's heart was filled up with warmth, as she stared after her, pursing her lips together.

The lack of maternal love had once depressed her, but now it came to her in abundance. Like all mothers loved their children, Edith loved her preciously, even if it was late.

If she had loved her like this earlier, maybe she would have grown up to be a different person; maybe she wouldn't have turned out to be so independent; maybe she would've become spoiled, like her sister.

While Cassandra was lost in thoughts, Edith came out of the kitchen with a tray. A warm, sweet smell of cake and milk filled the air, making Cassandra's mouth water.

Cassandra sniffed deeply with her eyes closed, and fell back on to the couch while Edith walked toward her. She hurriedly took the tray from her hands and started to savour the cake, bite by bite.

"Wow, mom, you bake so well! I've seen your show on TV. It's being broadcast once a week. I swear, you will become a big star in no time!"

Cassandra grinned from ear to ear. Edith's performance in the show was remarkable. She indeed had the talent and deserved to be on the show!

"Oh right, Cassandra! We would like some star guests to come on the show to hike up the ratings. Could you contact some and ask them since you work in Lyndsy's studio?"

Edith really needed Cassandra's help. The show would benefit a lot if the ratings boosted.

"Lyndsy's schedule is tight these days. She isn't in town. But I can try to contact some people and I will talk to her if needed."

Cassandra would never say no to her mother.

"Okay. We will pay full rates. The TV station attaches much importance to my show and even plans to launch an outdoor version. I will be getting a full schedule soon."

Edith was beaming with joy, but all of a sudden, the smile on her lips shrunk. She became sullen and grievous.

"If only your father and sister were here too…"

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