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   Chapter 359 Where Did The Money Go (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6138

Updated: 2019-07-01 21:12

That one push was enough to send Amanda straight to the ground.

As if in a tremendous amount of pain, she held her arm and screamed. She raised her tear-soaked face, partially covered by her long hair and looked at Rufus in utter disbelief and then in fear.

She couldn't believe that Rufus actually pushed her!

"I'm sorry."

The anger and frustration in Rufus's face immediately got replaced with an uncomfortable feeling of guilt. Although a bit embarrassed, he was resolved not to cave in to pity. Without looking back, he quickly got into his car and then drove away, leaving her behind.

'I'm sorry, Amanda. If you end up hating me, then so be it. As long as you stop loving me, I'll be fine with it.'

A complicated feeling emerged in his head, leaving him both slightly nauseous and giddy with relief.

It was his fault for not telling Amanda the first time after her car accident that he loved another woman, which eventually led to this terrible situation they were all in right now.

'The person I feel most sorry for is you, Cassandra.'

Rufus stepped on the acceleration with conviction. He seemed to have caught Amanda's whimper, but he forced himself not to look back. It was an ugly scene, but it had to be done.

Dizzied by emotions, he slowly turned on the radio, tried for a weather report, and settled for the latest news and updates.

"Lyndsy, the award-winning actress, has been entangled in various rumors lately. Different versions of her story are being reported by different media. Some reports have said that her straight-forward attitude has earned her a lot of enemies, while others have claimed that she lost her team after she left her original company..."

Rufus had no interest in celebrity gossip so he changed the channel at once.

Next came the music channel. Lo and behold, it

e conflict between Rufus and his father would definitely escalate, without a doubt.

Rufus paused, and frowned, conscious that something wasn't right.

The fact that they were on the same opposition team against him made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

"What's the matter?" asked Rufus.

Everyone was wearing a heavy face. Horace's face was even darker than others, and the corners of his mouth curved downwards. Suffice it to say, he was extremely unhappy. What was the matter?

"Fine. I'll just ask you directly. Please tell me, what did you do with the fifty million?"

Surprised at Horace's question, Rufus's head was sent reeling backward.

Fifty million? When did he approve such a large amount of money from the company?

"Fifty million? What are you talking about?"

Rufus had no idea what Horace was referring to at all. He squinted his eyes, as if in deep contemplation he was recalling the company's most recent financial transaction of that magnitude.

Suddenly, Rufus's pupils constricted. He shot his hawk-like eyes to Lionel.

Fifty million? According to his knowledge, the biggest expense the company had paid recently was the five million Lionel was responsible for just a few days ago.

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