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   Chapter 357 I Will Ask Her to Marry Me (Part Two)

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"Cassandra, I'm not a child. What are you so worried about? I can take care of myself," Edith assured her.

She found herself holding back a chuckle at her daughter's nagging. Her eyebrows were furrowed in seriousness, and she was holding her hand firmly. She found it quite amusing to see this side of her.

A heavy feeling descended on Cassandra as she thought of how her mother would be left alone at home. There was a tugging worry growing inside her despite her mother's reassurance.

'I'm probably just not used to it, ' Cassandra convinced herself.

Neither the mother nor the daughter noticed the man standing in the background, a cruel smile playing on his lips.

"What? Cassandra got rid of you so easily?"

Frowning, Rufus looked at Victor suspiciously.

He had never seen him look so defeated.

Rufus had known him for a long time, and he knew his capability. He was almost too perfect at his job, and no one rivalled him when it came to how efficiently he carried out orders. How was it possible that an unguarded woman would slip right under his nose? It was ridiculous!

Victor cowered in shame. Never had he felt his pride shatter like this. He could not bear to meet Rufus eyes.

"I didn't expect Miss Qin to shout. I was stunned for a moment…" he explained, every word digging into his pride a little more.

How he wanted to kick himself! How could he have made such a simple mistake!

Rufus thought in silence for a moment, his eyebrows knitted in concentration. After some time, his eyes glinted mysteriously and he turned to Victor once again.

"Never mind. At the very least, we have confirmed that she is still in G City. I've found her o

with you."

He poured out the words in one decisive blow.

It was better to end it before the damage became worse. Rufus felt a sting in his chest as he looked at her, but there was nothing else he could do.

Amanda's face had turned pale, and her lips quivered as she looked at him. She raised her head and gave Rufus a weak smile.

"Rufus, what are you talking about? Who is Cassandra? I don't understand," Amanda said.

In a desperate attempt to make him stay, she turned to an excuse that she had been using since the beginning, hoping to rouse something from him. She would accept even pity, but in the end, it turned out to be futile. Rufus's face was firm, and his eyes were unwavering.

"Amanda, we have broken up long time ago. The memories that you've lost are things that have happened after we parted. There is a woman who holds my heart now. Her name is Cassandra. You became jealous, and an accident happened that took your memories away. I've been holding off from telling you the truth, but now, I have to do it. Because I've decided, that if I can see her again, I will ask her to marry me."

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