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   Chapter 355 Cassandra's Resignation

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"I thought your contract with your previous agency had already ended. Why are in you still in trouble?"

Cassandra asked in confusion. It was as if trouble kept following Lyndsy everytime. She sympathized with the other woman's circumstances.

"Right, I did end it, but it seems that none of my workers is competent enough to know how to handle the publicity. And now there's this! I don't know what to do anymore," Lyndsy said, voicing out her frustration.

She didn't bother covering her feelings on the matter.

"I see. It sounds bad," Cassandra nodded sympathetically. "I saw online that some agents were taking backlash from fans because they didn't do their job well. They didn't even know how to do their jobs properly."

Cassandra was reminded of similar cases. Show business was one messy industry. She couldn't imagine how upset Lyndsy must be feeling.

"Exactly! And you know what else? On top of all this, the paparazzi even became more and more persistent. Some of them have blatantly crossed the line on privacy. They kept following me around. I already tried to keep as low profile as possible and still got photographed. God, those scumbags never know when to stop!" Lyndsy cried out in frustration, huffing out a breath. "And you know how bad my temper is. I can't stand it when people put their nose into my private life. But it's not like there's anything I could do to fight back either, so I have no choice but to bite my tongue and avoid them as much as I can."

Lyndsy's shoulders dropped as she finished her woeful explanation to Cassandra. Headlines be damned. She would definitely give the paparazzi a piece of her mind if she came across them.

Then as if remembering something, Lyndsy turned to Cassandra and asked, "Oh, right. Why are you here too? I thought you had to go to your company. And what's wrong with your voice?"

It had been a while since the two good friends met. Lyndsy knew nothing about what had happened to Cassandra thus far.

Cassandra bit her lip and looked away from Lyndsy.

Catching her reaction, it didn't take long for Lyndsy to know that something was going on.

"No, it's okay," she said, taking back her earlier question. "You don't have to talk about it if you're not comfortable and I don't want to push you. But if you know someone good, please recommend them to me. God knows I need someone who can get some actual work done,"

Lyndsy said, diverting the topic. She frowned as she recalled how she missed out on some good jobs because of her incompetent agent.

Cassandra's eyes brightened up as an idea occurred to her.

"Lyndsy," she started, unsure of whether she should continue. Steeling herself, she pressed forward with her proposition. "How about I become your agent?"

Cassandra looked at Lyndsy with determined eyes.

"You... Are you serious?"

Lyndsy's eyes widened in disbelief. Cassandra was volunteering to be her agent. She did not expect this at all from her.

Shrugging, Cassandra answered, "I sold my company. I am literally jobless."

She tried to cover her worry, but her voice betrayed her true feelings.

Lyndsy took a long look at Cassandra as if to make sure she wasn't pulling her leg.

Cassandra was staring at her so intensely; there was no mistaking her words.

"Being an agent isn't your thing," Lyndsy said, and Cassandra's shoulders slumped at her rejection. "But you can actu

gallery, she could work at her own pace and set her own schedule. There would be plenty of time to squeeze in other things. Doesn't that sound good?"

Clark knew that Cassandra wouldn't be able to say no to Edith. Her agreement was as good enough as Cassandra's.

As expected, Clark's strategy worked. Edith relaxed and turned to Cassandra.

"Cassandra, maybe you can give it a try. Clark is even offering to help you. Who knows? It might work. Don't worry and try your best!" she encouraged.

Edith also hoped that Cassandra could find herself a job that would let her take it easy. Everyday, her heart ached a little more when she saw how exhausted and drained her daughter was after a day's work. Her job at the hotel kept her on her feet for more than 10 hours a day, and it would not be good for her in the long run.

Cassandra couldn't bring herself to refuse her mother and nodded at her. She knew that refusing now would just make Edith bring it up again and again until she relented.

She honestly didn't have any confidence, but at the very least, she could try and work on other things simultaneously. Even if it failed, what she did would be enough to placate her mother.

After dinner, Edith went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Left alone with Clark in the same room, Cassandra felt herself tensing up in nervousness. The inevitable had finally arrived.

"Cassandra, why did you resign before discussing it with me?"

Clark asked, disappointment in his voice. Cassandra averted her eyes from him.

"I said that I would quit the job if I don't recover in a week. I am just keeping my word,"

she replied in a low voice. Until now, her voice was still hoarse.

"You didn't have to leave! There are plenty of other positions you could have taken if you could not be the lobby manager! Resigning was completely unnecessary," Clark burst out. Silence came between them for a few moments until Clark spoke up once again. "Or is it because of me? Do you not like me?"

Clark asked, reaching out to grab Cassandra's shoulder. She froze at the contact.

Upon feeling her tense up, Clark took a step back and released her. Cassandra was unable to say anything. The touch of his warm palm, despite the barrier of her shirt, made her uneasy.

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