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   Chapter 354 Mr. Luo Has Been Searching You For A Long Time (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6313

Updated: 2019-06-30 22:10

"Victor, go back and tell Rufus that I have nothing to do with him any more. Our relationship has already ended. Also, warn him to stop pestering me. His concern should be given to Amanda. It's truly shameless of him to chase another womon while he already has one!"

At the moment, Cassandra wasn't concerned about what Victor thought about her. She wasn't afraid of sounding vulgar. Since she had spoken her mind, she felt much more at ease.

Victor, who was taken off guard by her words, stood stunned. Obviously, he didn't expect that Cassandra would say such things to belittle Rufus.

"Miss Qin, I think you have misunderstood Mr. Luo. He is not as bad as you make him sound,"

Victor tried to explain. But Cassandra just gave out a sarcastic smile upon hearing what he had said.

"He is not as bad as I make him sound? So I am the one who is making him look bad? Oh Come on! His actions speak for him. Anyway, you work for him, so you're bound to defend him. Sorry, no matter what you say, it will not convince me to change my mind."

Cassandra had a cool smile on her lips. She seemed nonchalant towards Victor's words.

Thinking Victor had given up, Cassandra turned around to leave. Abruptly, Victor reached out to stop her for the third time.

"What are you doing? Do you plan to kidnap me?"

Victor had already wasted her time. By now, Cassandra was infuriated. She couldn't believe how he had the audacity to stop her in this broad daylight.

Victor had no choice but to pull out his cell phone. He then got ready to make a phone call. Seeing this, Cassandra panicked. She clearly understood who he was ringing. While his attention was fixated on the phone, she fled from there.

This was by no means a joke. If Victor informed Rufus that she was at the entrance of the hotel, then she would have no chance to escape from here.

"Miss Qin!"

Victor didn'


The woman was garbed in black clothes. A mask was concealing half of her face. The two ladies stood face to face with each other. A stunned expression could be seen on both of their faces.



They exclaimed each other's name at the same time. And then Lyndsy caught a hold of Cassandra's hand.

"Run! There's paparazzi behind us!" she explained in a hurry.

Before Cassandra could respond to her words, Lyndsy pulled her arm and ran forward.

'Run? Again?

I haven't fully recovered from the last run! What a day!' Cassandra thought as she ran with Lyndsy.

Several minutes later, they finally reached a good distance away from the paparazzi. Then Lyndsy let go of Cassandra's arm. They looked at each other's face and broke into laughter.

"Why do you have to always hide from these people? It must be not easy to be a star."

Cassandra looked sympathetically at Lyndsy. Almost every time she met Lyndsy, the famous star was apprehensively hiding from the paparazzi.

"Its not that I enjoy doing this. But these people are sent by my competitors. If they catch up with me, they are bound to ask me some bitter questions. I don't want to get mixed up in this mess!"

Lyndsy expounded with traces of disgust.

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