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   Chapter 353 Mr. Luo Has Been Searching You For A Long Time (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-30 21:09

Cassandra stayed at home for the next few days. She hardly had any contact with the outside world. Her day consisted of medicine and sleep. Every morning and evening, she would come out of her room to have a cup of honey water. These days she hardly uttered a word. Even with Edith, she preferred to communicate in gestures.

"What's the matter with you, Cassandra?" Edith demanded out of concern.

Cassandra's behavior in the past few days had left her completely perplexed. She could not fathom why Cassandra suddenly became so taciturn. Her unwillingness to converse and her lack of interest to step outside the house deeply upset her.

Yet Cassandra did not bother to answer Edith's question. Instead, she just slightly shook her head.

Cassandra struggled to look calm. She didn't want to worry her mother. But anxiety was eating her.

She knew she had to pull herself up, otherwise her throat would get worse. The stress and anxiety would only put her under a lot more pressure.

However, everytime she tried to speak, her voice would sound hoarse and harsh to hear.

Cassandra reached out her hand and touched her throat with frustration. 'It seems that my throat won't recover any time soon, ' thought Cassandra.

Not long ago, she had assured Clark that her throat would be alright in a week's time. And today happened to be the last day. 'Maybe I can keep the promise, ' she thought. Once again, she opened her mouth and tried to utter a word. While doing this, she hoped her voice would be as crisp as before. But unfortunately, the result filled her with disappointment.

Edith had gone to the TV Station to record her show, hence Cassandra was on her own today. She sat in the living room for a long time. Soon, night approached and darkness fell over her.

In the deadly silence, she heard the bright and pleasant sound of the piano. It evidently came from the neighboring house. It didn't take much time for Cassandra to realize that it must be coming from Amanda.

All a

me just when I came in to quit my job," Cassandra thought, still smiling.

Even though she had nothing against him, Cassandra didn't want to oblige to his request. 'So he wants me to meet someone? Who else can it be other than Rufus?' Cassandra thought. Then she shook her head in determination.

Resolutely, Cassandra moved sideways and tried to bypass him. But Victor reached out his hand and put a full stop to her escape attempts. This time, Cassandra was truly exasperated by his actions. To show the extent of her annoyance, she stared at him fiercely.

Victor didn't flinch. Instead, he looked back at her stubbornly. They just stood at the entrance of the hotel, and neither of them was willing to make a compromise.

After a while, Victor broke the silence and said, "Miss Qin, Mr. Luo has been looking for you for a long time. Please go and meet him."

Victor didn't know what else to say in order to convince Cassandra. Rufus had been trying hard to grab an opportunity to talk with her. Victor had witnessed the efforts Rufus had made. He couldn't bear to see Rufus in this anxious state. Yet he didn't know how to persuade Cassandra.

'Go and see him? And then? I don't think he has any intention to break up with Amanda. What will I do? Take up the position of his mistress?' Cassandra thought with a sneer.

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