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   Chapter 352 What Should I Do To Win Your Heart (Part Two)

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Sitting right next to her, Clark silently watched as she slowly drank the glass of water. He was a bit undecided for a second, but when he finally made up his mind, he spoke in a resolute tone, "Cassandra, as you're well aware, the doctor mentioned that you should refrain from talking too much. I've been thinking about it, and please trust me when I say I thought about it long and hard. I think that the current position you're holding at the hotel wouldn't be suitable for your condition.

What I'm trying to say is, I think you should step down from that position."

Cassandra felt so nervous that she almost knocked over the glass of water.

"No need to fret. I'm sure I'll get better in no time."

She had made a promise to Lionel that she wouldn't go back to being a designer for two years. As of the moment, she still had more than a year to go.

If she really quit, she'd have no other way of earning money, and she'd have to live on air alone.

Even if she could manage to suppress her hunger to some extent, she didn't have it in her to let both her mother and sister endure that misery alongside her. For that very reason, she couldn't let her hard-earned job slip away just because of some stupid sore throat.

"Cassandra, it's not like that. I'm not saying I'm gonna fire you. What I've been meaning to say is that I think I would like to help you look for a better job. One that wouldn't worsen your condition."

Telling Cassandra all of that, Clark just couldn't hide his excitement. It seemed as if his eyes were actually burning with anticipation.

"I have shown some of your works to a professional artist. He said that your paintings may not be of the mainstream style, but they are certainly spectacular pieces. Moreover

She was so eager to get away from their clutches and just couldn't bear to let it continue any further.

Cassandra's strong aversion toward him, however, was starting to get under Clark's skin.

"Forgive me, Cassandra. I shouldn't have let my emotions get the best of me. But do you really have to be so cold? I just want to be of help. I don't enjoy seeing you being so hard on yourself,"

Clark said, in an attempt to explain his actions to Cassandra.

"Oh, I know that, Mr. Ji. And I sincerely appreciate all the help you've given me. In fact, you've already done quite a lot to ensure my well-being. But...I can't just rely on you for every little thing. So, please stop worrying about me. My voice will get better soon enough. Of that, I'm sure."

Cassandra kept her head holding high, perhaps stubbornly. She put her guard up even higher than it ever was before, much too reluctant to be so intimate with Clark.

Intense sadness blemished Clark's otherwise handsome face. There were a whole lot of things going through his head.

'Cassandra, would I ever be able to make you fall in love with me? What should I do to win your heart?' he pondered.

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