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   Chapter 351 What Should I Do To Win Your Heart (Part One)

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Holding her breath, Cassandra fixated her gaze on the table.

The raspy sound of her voice wasn't getting any better at all. Although she had already recovered from her cold and cough, her voice would seem to take quite a while to get back to normal. Now it was totally different from what it used to be like.

As the lobby manager, there was just no way she could talk to the customers with her voice sounding that harsh. It would be off-putting to do so.

That being the case, she had no choice but to wait it out at home, painting, so she could keep herself busy.

With a brush in her hand, there was no stopping her. She just kept on drawing and drawing. Having a lot of stuff on her plate, she wanted to express her emotions through her paintings.

For that day, Edith had already made plans. She had an appointment with the director of the TV station and was scheduled to host an upcoming cooking show. Cassandra wanted to accompany her, but she declined.

"I'm old enough to do things on my own. I don't need you to come with me. Just stay at home and try not to talk too much. Your voice doesn't sound good. Oh, by the way, don't forget to eat the honey every day. You know, the one Clark bought for you."

Edith showed how concerned she was for Cassandra's well-being. With her hands pressing her throat, Cassandra wanted to say something back, but her voice was indeed still hoarse.

'Is my voice going to stay like this for good? It just sounds so nasty, ' she thought, a bit alarmed.

At that moment, the shrill sound of a car pulling over caught her attention. She was aware that it could just be Clark. But why would he drop by in the morning?

Leaving the study to greet Clark by the entrance, Cassandra was a bit surprised upon seeing another man walking b

Who wouldn't? Else, how would she be able to come back to work?

Clark had actually told her already that she would still get compensated while she was on sick leave, so there was no need for her to worry about the expenses whatsoever. However, she couldn't just accept that money without giving anything back.

She needed that money for her living expenses. Although relatively low, there was rent that needed to be paid. On top of all that, she had a sister to support. And it had to be emphasized that she was quite a big spender as well. Hesitant to let her sister look for work herself, she wanted to earn more for the both of them.

A while later, Clark came back to bring her the prescription drugs.

"Cassandra, I'll go get you a glass of water. Please read the instructions before you take the medicines."

Unpacking the drugs, Clark handed them over to Cassandra and went to fetch a glass of water.

"Medicines may have some side effects, I know, but you need to take them for your throat to be cured,"

Clark lovingly said with a gentle tone. Cassandra was a bit hesitant to look him in the eye, so she just quickly grabbed the glass of water along with the drugs.

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