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   Chapter 350 Between Two Strangers (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 5474

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Despite her restraint, there was a tremble as she spoke the words. It was a good thing that the hoarseness in her voice masked the tremors.

On the other side, Rufus was absorbed in his own frustration.

"I will find her. No matter what or how long it takes. I must see her and tell her that I was wrong. I own her that much."

In Rufus's mind, the woman was only a stranger before him. He could speak his mind freely without worrying about any consequences.

Yes, he was desperate to find Cassandra. If he saw her, he would admit to being wrong. He would beg on his knees, if that was what it would take. He would willingly throw away his pride if that meant she would come back to him.

They had been together once. No words were needed for them to understand what the other was thinking. She consumed all of him and images of her took up all the space in his mind—her smile, her movements, he laughter, her tears…

What would he give to have all of that back? There was a hole in his heart, calling out to her and longing for her presence.

Cassandra kept silent for a long time, not knowing what to say. She watched the faint flicker of Rufus's cigarette and followed the movement of his head as he turned to look up at the sky.

There was endless darkness above them, and they were lost in the emptiness of their own hearts.

"There seems to be a woman in your house,"

Cassandra asked tentatively, breaking the silence between them. She had to know. Wasn't Amanda still living in his house? What would Rufus do about her?

"She is my friend. I see her like a sister, and I'm looking after her because she's sick.

eave with heavy steps.

'I'm so stupid. I almost trusted you again.

You're a liar, Rufus. You still want to keep her by your side.' Cassandra felt her eyes sting and her vision blur as she walked. 'All those words were nothing but empty promises. You're a hypocrite.

I will never let you hurt me again, ' Cassandra cried silently, her tears flowing down her face. One heavy step after another, she walked away from the man who was the cause and the cure for her pain.

Rufus raised his head when he finished the phone call. The figure who had been standing close to him was nowhere to be seen now. She must've gone inside her house.

It was strange of him to talk to an absolute stranger.

She was just a strange woman with an equally strange voice, and she had a husband. But why did he feel so at ease when he was talking to her?

Did she think it odd that he told her his innermost thoughts?

The corners of his mouth curved upwards. Rufus couldn't help laughing at himself and the ridiculousness of it all.

'If only you knew how much you have changed me, Cassandra.'

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