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   Chapter 347 A Gaze From the Shadows (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-28 23:22

Clark looked at Edith with a meaningful smile on his lips, while Edith gazed at him with curiosity and question in her wide eyes.

"What idea?"

Cassandra asked, wondering what Clark could mean.

"Auntie, our hotel has received an invitation recently. A TV program wanted to invite our chef to host a food program which he will teach people how to cook. Without a doubt, our chef is more than capable of teaching home cooking to audience. The problem is that his connection to our hotel might cause people to feel uncomfortable. After all, it might not be very good in attracting ordinary viewers."

Clark shifted his gaze from Edith to Cassandra. The two women stared at him fixedly, listening to his every word. The smile on Clark's face broadened as he continued, "So, I was thinking, maybe it would be better if you could host the program instead, auntie. I know that your skills will be more than enough for the job, not to mention your excellent taste. I don't think there will be any problem if you were to teach people how to cook at home. Besides, compared to our chef, the audience would probably receive you much better. Your background as a housewife will work as a good story, since it would be relatable. It would also be good for you. The doctor had suggested more physical activity, and cooking is something that you are already used to. The job will not be physically demanding, and you already know a lot about the subject, so I think it will be a great idea if you take part in the program." In fact, Clark had mentioned a lot of good points.

Cassandra, however, was quick to express her concern.

"Mother is doing just fine at home. I don't think teaching others is really necessary…." she hesitated before continuing. "Recording a program is still a physical job. It would require a lot of strength and energy. I'm afraid that it might be t

u don't have to stay at home alone all the time. It must be quite boring to spend your days with just yourself. Why not give it a shot?"

Cassandra's persuasion seemed to work. Edith's face visibly brightened up.

"Well then… what should I prepare? What kind of dish do they want?"

Edith felt a little more sure of herself as she asked Clark about the details of the program. She was brimming with excitement as she thought of recording the show.

"Auntie, I will connect you with the director later. She will explain things to you in more detail. Feel free to ask her if there is anything you don't understand."

Clark was satisfied at Edith's interest in the program. He answered her question with matched enthusiasm.

"Oh Auntie, the jars of honey I gave you just now have different labels on them. One is for Cassandra. It would be good for her throat. The other one is for you. It has different flavor and function, so please don't mix them,"

Clark reminded Edith, concern in his voice.

The gesture surprised Cassandra. She thought Clark brought honey only for her. She did not expect him to be so thoughtful as to bring one for Edith as well. He even took her mother's health into consideration. It was very kind of him.

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