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   Chapter 346 Asking For A Painting (Part Two)

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"Don't think so less of yourself. Nowadays, even kids and grandmas can become painters, and they are not even that good. But you are different. I think you've got what it takes to become a painter by profession,"

Clark insisted. He stared at Cassandra with intense eyes. The look on his face was honest. It seemed as though he really thought that highly of Cassandra and he trusted her talent.

"Don't flatter me anymore. There's no way I can be a professional painter. I will just do well in my job as a lobby manager and paint during my free time!"

Cassandra shook her head, and took another sip from her cup.

Clark smiled and didn't press the matter any further. He picked up a pen, and wrote 'Miss. Q' in the corner of the painting.

"May I have this painting? I like it very much, and I would love to hang it in my room,"

Clark asked Cassandra, out of the blue. The suddenness of his request froze Cassandra for a short second.

"It's just a random painting. I don't think it would make a nice gift for you."

For reasons unknown to her, Cassandra just didn't want to give this painting to Clark. In truth, she found his request to be a little strange. She painted what she was feeling inside, and she would feel very weird if she gave him a painting that represented her feelings.

"But I really like this painting. It is beautiful. Are you not willing to give it to me?"

Clark insisted again. The corners of his lips lifted into a gentle smile, and he stared at Cassandra with eyes full of affection.

But still, Cassandra felt uneasy. Something about this perfect man just didn't seem right to her. To be honest, he had never forced her before, and he had never been this stubborn before. He was a smart and sensible man, and he shouldn't have been this persistent when Cassandra clearly didn't want to give the painting to him.

"All right, all right. If you really don't feel comfortable giving this painting to me, I won't ask again,"

Clark shrugged and said when Cassandra didn't reply for a long moment.

villa was nicely decorated and well equipped. Everything from cooking utensil to ingredients Edith could ever ask for was already there so she could practice her cooking skills. She was a really good cook, and she could prepare all kinds of dishes from traditional meals to western desserts.

"Mom, are you planning to become a professional chef? Aren't you tired of cooking so many dishes everyday? How about I hire someone to cook for us so you can rest?"

Cassandra looked at Edith with concern in her eyes. She was worried that Edith would exhaust herself cooking everyday.

"Of course not! I am fine. Don't worry about me. Besides, isn't it nice that I have a hobby I can focus on? Life is more enjoyable this way. I am never tired as long as I am cooking for you and Clark. I just hope that you two like my dishes!"

Edith replied, the motherly smile on her face made her glow. She just couldn't control her excitement seeing Clark and Cassandra standing side by side. She could almost imagine the two of them walking down the aisle in a church, Clark wearing a suit while Cassandra wearing a wedding dress. Oh how she waited for her dream to come true!

"Auntie, you are a marvellous cook. Well, I have an idea,"

Clark suddenly said out of nowhere. His words drew the attention of both Edith and Cassandra, and they all turned to look at him.

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