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   Chapter 345 Asking For A Painting (Part One)

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Behind the curtains of a presidential suite in a grand hotel, Clark narrowed his enticing eyes. Something sharp flashed through his eyes, giving him an even greater air of wickedness.

When he saw Victor being dragged out of his car by a woman, the corners of his mouth lifted into a sardonic smirk.

Alas, it was now clear to him that Rufus had found out where Cassandra was working. And, it was only a matter of time before he also found out who her boss was.

However... This was far from what he had planned initially. According to his plans, Arthur was supposed to mess with Rufus first, before he would come in for the final blow. He didn't want Rufus to know that he was the one behind everything as that would ruin the surprise for him.

He wanted to wait until Arthur was done with Rufus. More than anything else, he wanted to make Rufus pay for all the sleepless nights he had suffered because of him. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, to mete out his own brand of justice.

Feeling slightly disappointed, Clark put the curtains back down, and turned around to walk back into the room.

Soon, Cassandra was back on her feet again, ready for work. But if she went back to work, Rufus's people would have found her since they already knew where she worked. As a result, Clark had to come up with an idea to tackle the situation.

His usually gentle eyes transformed into something more calculative and devious. Since there was no one else in the room, he didn't have to keep pretending to be the kind of man he never was. Not a single trace of tenderness inhabited his face. Instead, there was thunderous arrogance—a menacing smirk twisting the corners of his lips.

Autumn came with regal ease, content to arrive with slow grace. Although the first leaves had tumbled to the soil, rich with rain, most remained green, fluttering in the strengthening wind. It was a grand day, autumn cold, dry, and with bright sunshine to lift the spirits.

Cassandra was in the study room painting by the desk. The weather was getting colder, and she wanted to finish the painting before winter came. So when it was winter, she could replace the painting on the wall.

On the painting, snow rested upon a park, covering it in a thick b

Cassandra's feelings very much. But... The timing wasn't right as Cassandra's heart was not yet ready for another relationship. Her feelings for Rufus were so deep that she just couldn't get over him. In truth, nobody could replace Rufus in her heart, no matter how great that person was.

While Cassandra was lost in her own thoughts, Clark stepped closer to stand by her side and stared at the painting she was drawing with thoughtful eyes.

An inexplicable emotion flashed through his eyes, and he looked closely at the painting.

Cassandra was talented, there was no denying that. It was obvious that she didn't have many skills like professional artists did, but her painting was still very beautiful, and it showed what she was feeling inside.

"Cassandra, have you ever considered becoming a professional painter instead of a designer?"

Clark's curiosity was piqued. He raised his head to look at Cassandra, with an expectant look in his eyes.

"Huh? A painter? You must be joking! My major is architectural design. Just because I know how to draw, doesn't mean I can compare to the professionals. Stop pulling my leg,"

Cassandra said while shaking her head with an amused look on her face. She happily took Clark's remark as a compliment, but she was well aware that she was not good enough to be a professional painter. Painting was just a hobby she took up to give her something to do in her spare time. It allowed her to get away from the daily mundane routine of life.

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