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   Chapter 344 The Annoying Piano Piece (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-28 00:19

Once more, some soothing music drifted into her ears. As expected, it was Rufus playing the piano again.

Burying her head into the sheets and covering her ears, Cassandra still couldn't hold it in. Her tears betrayed her, and she couldn't stop herself from weeping.

'I don't ever want to hear that song being played again! I don't want to hear the wretched sound of the piano! He has been running circles in my mind for so long and I just can't shake him off. But what about him? All he ever thinks about is Amanda!

Cassandra, cut it out with this nonsense! You're only making a fool out of yourself.'

The solitary and melancholic notes wandered around under the dark sky. And in the end, when Rufus finally played the last note, the night became peaceful once again.

'Cassandra, every single day that passes by, I'm getting closer and closer to you, right?' Rufus wondered.

"Well, this is a surprise. Victor, what brings you here?"

Since she had some time to kill on her day off, Stella had planned to go do some shopping. But as she was roaming around, she was surprised to see a familiar car parked on the corner of the street. It was Victor's car, and it was parked right close to the hotel where Cassandra worked.

The two of them didn't usually bump into each other around that area that often, so Victor had been taken by surprise.

"Umm...N-Nothing… Nothing…I'm just...waiting… Waiting for someone…" he stumbled over his words.

Truth be told, he had just rolled the car window down to get a breath of fresh air, and at that moment, Stella saw him as she happened to be passing by.

He was there under Rufus's orders, carrying out a mission to keep the hotel under surveillance, and of course, to inform his boss the moment Cassandra came back to work.

"Who might you be waiting for?"

Stella caught on quickly that it couldn't be as simple as he was trying to make it seem. It was quite close to Cassandra's workplace anyway. She might have been on sick leave f

only be wasting your time if you stay here waiting for her to come. What do you say? It's honestly a bit boring shopping by myself. Why don't you just tag along?"

Before she was done saying that, she had already begun to pull the door of his car open to drag him out and force him to come with her.

"Come on, Victor! Let's go! It just so happens that I have a short stature, so if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you'd carry stuff for me. Look at yourself. You're quite big and muscular! You're just the perfect person to ask for help! And besides, there's a sale going on. So, let's go, go, go!"

Before Victor could come up with a reason to refuse, Stella had dragged him out of the car. Despite being strong enough to break out of Stella's clutch, he was scared he might put in too much strength and hurt her.

"No need to be worried. Cassandra won't be coming in at this point. For now, you should take a breather from Mr. Luo's orders. I will show you what it feels like to be the master for a change!"

As swift as an arrow, Stella took out the key, rolled up the car window, and locked the car, all within just a blink of an eye. One second Victor was idly sitting inside his car; the next, he was already outside being taken away by Stella.

"Let's go buy all those stuff!" Stella excitedly exclaimed.

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