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   Chapter 343 The Annoying Piano Piece (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-28 00:09

Not taking any risks in making a move, Cassandra was afraid that Rufus's sharp eyes would be able to catch even the faintest move she made. Carefully trying to conceal herself behind a tree, she could feel the scent of leaves slowly creeping into her nose, and so, she stealthily checked what Rufus was currently doing.

It seemed as if he was leisurely having a smoke. Each time he breathed in, he would inhale it so deeply to let the smoke reach into his lungs. This caused Cassandra to feel anxious about his health.

Then, he began to pace forward. Unfortunately, he was walking toward the direction where Cassandra had been hiding. Terrified of getting caught, Cassandra moved back a little, trying to stay away from him as much as she possibly could.

But it was to no avail, as Rufus had wandered into the bounds of his lawn, which happened to be the space closest to Clark's yard. Right then, there were only a few inches separating Cassandra and Rufus.

This caused cold sweat to manifest on her nose and especially on her back. Cassandra was so on edge that her palms began perspiring profusely.

'Oh, my gosh! What should I do? He can't see me right here! How am I supposed to show my face to him?!' she panicked.

Highly strung, she tried to steady her breathing in order not to make any sound as Rufus was standing still in his yard, watching the beautiful night sky. He appeared as if his mind had wandered into the vast space.

When he was playing the piano, he wasn't really concentrating on which keys to play next, because his mind was only filled with thoughts of Cassandra. The men he had dispatched to search for her might have managed to locate the hotel where she was working; after asking around for a while, all they had been told was that Cassandra had actually already been on leave for a couple of days. So far, that was the only information he was able to obtain about Cassandra's whereabouts.

'Perhaps she's hiding from me, ' Rufus surmised. 'But now that I already know where she's working, it would only be a ma

esn't cause him to get suspicious of me!' Cassandra thought, still a bit on edge.

She waited for some time to pass before she could gather the courage to open the door a bit, just wide enough to poke her head out. Rufus wasn't standing there anymore; he wasn't even in the yard at all. After making sure that the coast was clear, Cassandra was able to let out a lengthy sigh of relief at last.

'That was so close! I should make it a point to always err on the side of caution, ' Cassandra said to herself.

Still feeling uneasy, she decided to head back to her bedroom, but all she actually did was toss and turn, and in the end, she couldn't bring herself to sleep.

'Rufus was playing the song we performed together. Was it all just a coincidence or did he really do that on purpose?

If he really meant to do so, could he have been thinking of me? But if it was all just purely by chance...'

Wondering about the likelihood of that being true, Cassandra felt a tinge of pain in her heart.

'How could I just let myself be affected to this extent from just hearing one stupid song? I must be losing my mind.

I've already made my decision to forget all about him without ever looking back. I'm sick and tired of watching him have a hard time choosing between me and Amanda. How could I even hope to think about getting back together with him again?'

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