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   Chapter 341 I Wanted To Make All Women Jealous Of You

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Cassandra opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly brought a fist up to cover her mouth and coughed.

After she prepared a hearty breakfast, Edith brought it over to Cassandra's bedroom. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard Cassandra cough. Immediately, a sense of nervousness came over Edith.

"Cassandra, honey, are you okay? Why are you coughing?"

Edith was worried that Cassandra might have caught a cold or a fever. When she spoke to Clark yesterday, she found out that the two of them had spent some time in the backyard. Perhaps that was the reason.

Cassandra tried to respond, but she had difficulty speaking because her throat was burning.


Cassandra was startled by her own voice as she put her hands around her throat and swallowed nervously. It was raspy and hoarse. It sounded nothing like her.

"Oh my gosh! Cassandra! What happened to your voice! Open the door and let me have a look at you!"

Edith became measurably more worried than she had been a moment before she heard Cassandra's voice. She hoped it was nothing too serious.

Cassandra forced herself to get up, and with the little strength she had left, she opened the door for Edith. The look on her mother's face saddened her and she tried to smile to ease her concern, but she couldn't even do that.

She had a dull thudding headache, pounding against the back of her forehead with some regularity.

"Let's get you to the hospital!"

Edith tugged at Cassandra's arm and urged her.

"Let… let me ask for a day off,"

Cassandra spoke with great difficulty, forcing out each word. She wanted to call HR and inform them that she wasn't going to make it to work.

"Can't you hear your voice! Let me help you."

Edith took the phone from Cassandra and dialled a number.

"Hello, Clark. It's Edith, Cassandra's mother."

Cassandra's face was stuck in an incredulous expression. Why was her mother on the phone with Clark? She thought her mother was calling the manager of the human resources department.

"It seems like Cassandra has caught a bad cold. She's been coughing a lot and her voice doesn't sound right, so she can't speak to you right now. Is it okay if she takes the day off to go to the hospital? What? You are coming to see her? Sure, can you drive us to the hospital too?"

Edith hung up, feeling relieved. She touched Cassandra's forehead to feel her temperature. Fortunately, it wasn't high to warrant further concern.

"Thank god! I'm just happy that you don't have a fever. Go and get changed now. Clark is coming over to pick us up,"

Edith said, before she went to her room to change.

When Cassandra heard that Clark was coming as well, her headache got worse.

Cassandra slowly changed out of her pajamas and went downstairs. Edith handed her a glass of warm milk and asked her to drink it. Clark arrived just as Cassandra finished drinking.

It was a cold day in G city. The bone-chilling wind sounded its mighty roar, making everything that surrounded it shake in fear, even the leaves fled in terror. Clark strode up to Edith immediately when he saw her.

"Auntie, you should stay home. It's quite cold outside. I don't want to worry about you cat


There were fewer people in the hospital. Most people had probably gone back home.

"You are awake? Let me get the nurse for you,"

As always, Clark smiled gently at Cassandra. He stood up, rubbed his sore shoulder and stretched his legs before walking out.

Cassandra blushed red, feeling embarrassed. How could she lean on Clark's shoulder and fall asleep in front of so many people? She felt guilty for imposing herself on Clark like that.

Before long, a nurse stepped in and helped Cassandra remove the needle. After taking care of all the paperwork and formalities, Clark held Cassandra's hand to give her support as they both walked out of the hospital.

"Your throat will need a few more days to recover. Don't worry, I have approved your leave from work. Please don't think about your job right now. All you need to do now is stay at home and take some rest. I will take you to the hospital for intravenous drip after a few days. You'll be back to normal in no time, you'll see. And please try not to go outside. Otherwise, you'll never get better,"

Clark reminded Cassandra as they walked out. The people in the hospital were impressed by him and how good he was at taking care of her.

In truth, Clark was just as handsome as Rufus. But they were very different from each other. Rufus was the manly and mature type while Clark was sweet and gentle. Suffice it to say, a lot of women in the hospital were attracted to him.

Clark turned heads wherever he went. And when the other women saw Cassandra in his arms, they envied her and her good fortune.

Cassandra felt extremely uneasy and embarrassed in front of those jealous women and she got into Clark's car as fast as she could.

"You're so popular, Clark. Did you notice how those women were looking at me?"

Cassandra teased and made fun of him, as he opened the car door and sat on the driver seat. When he heard Cassandra's words, Clark suddenly turned around, looking into her eyes and said, "Cassandra, if you will allow me, I would like to make all women jealous of you. I want you to be the happiest woman in the world. Would you give me that chance?"

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