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   Chapter 340 I've Really Caught A Cold!

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'Come back to stay here? I can't believe my mother just asked Clark to live with us here! The answer is—absolutely not!'

Cassandra's mind was speeding with such anxiety that her words came out of her mouth in a rush.

"Mother, Mr. Ji is used to living alone. I don't think it's a good idea to ask him to live with us..."

As the words rushed out of her mouth, she hesitated and couldn't help but trail off her voice and her words halted.

Besides, she hadn't forgotten that they were living in Clark's house. He had the right to decide whether he should stay in his own house or not.

In a fit of anxiety, Cassandra vetoed her mother's suggestion, but in the next second, she regretted saying those words as she realized it would be rude of her to keep him from staying in his own house.

"Auntie, I think it would be better for me to stay at the hotel. I often have to entertain guests and clients. You need a quiet environment to rest so it would be good for your health to have fewer people around. Also, it might be not convenient for me as I often do my work at home,"

Clark declined Cassandra's mother's invitation politely, even though the delight and amusement aroused by her invitation was unmistakably visible in his eyes.

Edith was all smiles as she replied, "Well then, if that's what you want then, so be it..."

However, a hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes; she had hoped that Clark would move in with them so that he and Cassandra would have more time to...

"Mother, I am going to prepare some food for Mr. Ji."

With that, Cassandra left for the kitchen hastily. Edith gave Clark an apologetic look before smiling at him and quickly catching up to stop Cassandra.

"No, no, let me do the cooking, you should go and keep Clark company."

Edith began to bustle around in the kitchen after shoving her daughter out despite her daughter's evident reluctance.

Having failed to convince her mother otherwise, Cassandra let out a sigh in resignation after she figured out that her mother was hell-bent on making a match of her and Clark.

She dawdled her way to the living room only to be startled by Clark, who had his eyes glued to one painting on the wall.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Mr. Ji, I found an empty space on this wall so I decided to hang that painting there without asking your permission!"

Cassandra reached out both arms to take the painting down, assuming Clark wasn't very happy with it.

But before she could do that, Clark grabbed her hands and stopped her immediately.

"Don't! I think it looks pretty good on display! Do you know who the artist is?"

The timbre of his voice was deep and rich, while endeavouring not to laugh or snicker.

"I... I did it when I was bored and had nothing to do..."

Cassandra had studied design in college, no wonder she had noteworthy skills in fine arts. Clark turned his head around, nonchalantly and resumed to watch the painting.

The tone of the painting was muted. Each stroke had a smudging quality that rendered the image watery, like a reflection in a rippled puddle. The scene was of a large field with hills that were all shrouded in a thick layer of dry, red maples leaves. In the middle was a girl, dressed in white, with long lustrous hair blowing the in the wind standing amidst the expanse of fiery red, back facing the behold

ch higher than hers.

"Good, you don't have a fever. But you'd better take a rest. Don't worry, I will accompany your mother for a while after supper,"

Clark suggested selflessly. Edith's eyes were brimming with satisfaction and delight, as she looked at him like he was the ideal choice to be her son-in-law.

"Cassandra, go get rest now, I will have a chat with Clark here," Edith instructed.

Needless to say, she was overjoyed at Clark's display of concern for her daughter.

She felt hopeful again. Cassandra was unwelcoming and indifferent ever since she was a child. Although she was more easygoing now, Cassandra was still a bit introverted. Edith never thought that a prominent youngster like Clark would be so taken by her daughter. She knew that her daughter had been unlucky with romance in the past, but now that a man like Clark was deeply in love with her, it gave her a peace of mind.

"Okay then, I'm going to bed, you can just leave the plates in the sink, I will do the dishes tomorrow morning."

Cassandra didn't want to burden her mother with any work.

"Don't think about that, just go to sleep."

Clark put his hands on Cassandra's shoulders and nudged her until she was outside her room.

"Good night, Cassandra," Clark said.

His eyes were still affectionate. Cassandra avoided meeting his gaze unless courtesy absolutely demanded.

"Good night!"

Cassandra replied, before she scurried back to her room and closed the door behind her in haste.

With her back slumped against the door, she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She sauntered into the bathroom for a bath before going to bed.

The sound of her mother and Clark laughing faintly came to her room every once in a while, but she paid them no heed. Sleep was the only thing she wanted then.

'Maybe I've really caught a cold!' she thought, suffering from dizzy spells.

Even though she hadn't blown her hair dry, she couldn't wait to sleep. Feeling light-headed, she clambered into her quilt and fell asleep soon.

The next morning, she woke up with a splitting headache.

Cassandra cracked open her eyes, feeling a sore throat as if it had been parched.

'Damn, I have caught a cold, indeed!' she thought.

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