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   Chapter 339 Cassandra On The Swing (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-27 00:12

The stars were sparkling silently in the sky. With the twinkling eyes, they were looking down at the human-beings on earth.

'There is nothing I can do to change things. I can never return back to the good old days. Cassandra is gone and I am stuck here with Amanda. I cannot leave her side until she recovers fully, ' he thought with a sigh.

On the other side of the fence, Clark had halted pushing the swing. It gradually slowed down and finally came to a stop. Beads of sweat had formed on Cassandra's forehead.

She turned to Clark and beamed at him. Seeing her smile, Clark began to smile too.

"Thank you."

"Thank you."

Unexpectedly, they both expressed their gratitude together. This left them both surprised.

"Thank me for what? I am the one who stole your precious time to entertain me. I shall thank you," Clark replied.

He then laughed and gazed at Cassandra. His eyes were shining under the moonlight.

There was affection in his eyes which didn't go unnoticed by Cassandra. Once upon a time, she had seen similar affection in Rufus's eyes.

Feeling shy, she lowered her head and avoided meeting his gaze. She could feel her ears prickling.

"I was actually bored, but then you were kind enough to keep me company. It means a lot,"

Cassandra replied in a hoarse voice. Somehow, she felt a bit nervous.

"No Cassandra, don't utter such things again. You need not thank me for keeping you company. Instead, I shall thank God because he brought you to me."

There was a smile on his face which was visible to Cassandra. But hidden underneath it was arrogance and conspiracy. Cassandra was oblivious to those emotions which he kept hidden behind his fa?ade.

'Of course, I shall definitely thank God. Just when I was plotting my revenge against Rufus, he brought you in front of me. You are now a tool for my plan, ' he thought

me him once again. Deep down, he was aware cigarette was a temporary relief, but he couldn't give up on it.

The breeze picked up its pace. Cassandra was trembling vehemently.

Finally, Cassandra and Clark reached inside. Yet Clark didn't move his hands from her body. His arms were securely wrapped around her. Edith turned her eyes from the television and was thrilled to see them in such proximity.

'Clark seems so devoted to Cassandra. I can't get enough of them! And Cassandra seems comfortable around him. This is a good sign, ' she thought and let out a sigh of relief.

"Auntie, I haven't had dinner yet. Would you mind if I join you both for dinner?" Clark asked softly.

He took his hand off from Cassandra's shoulder and waited for Edith's reply. It seemed like he considered himself as a member of this family. There was something natural about his way of speaking. 'He fits right in, ' Edith thought, with pleasure.

However, Cassandra was distraught. Her mind was still fixated on Rufus.

"Yes, of course you can. It must be so troublesome for you to drive back everyday. I think it would be nice if you decided to just live here," Edith responded kindly.

But her words took both Cassandra and Clark by surprise.

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