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   Chapter 338 Cassandra On The Swing (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6343

Updated: 2019-06-27 00:09

"I don't want to regain my memories! Once that happens, you will leave me, am I right?"

Tears began to roll down from Amanda's delicate chin. They were a woman's most powerful weapon.

"That's not what I intended to say. I meant we'll talk about it when you are fully recovered! Now you go ahead and practice playing the piano. I need to go out for a walk," Rufus replied, resolutely.

He then managed to withdraw his arms from her grasp again. Hurriedly, he walked out of the villa.

Rufus didn't want to discuss this topic with her anymore. Hence he sighed with relief once he was a good distance away from the house.

Amanda, on the other hand, was furious. She vented her anger by clutching tightly on the sofa.

She had faked a memory loss hoping she could get Rufus's devotion. But it turned out Rufus still had no interest in her. His commitment towards Cassandra was firm. 'Cassandra is a witch! She must've cast a spell on him which is why he is unable to pay anyone else any attention!' she thought, with distaste.

She couldn't understand what he had seen in Cassandra. Her pride was hurt. 'I am a world-famous pianist while Cassandra is merely a divorced woman! I have both reputation and talent whereas Cassandra lost her company. She is left with nothing. In every aspect, I am superior to Cassandra. Yet Rufus chose her over me. Why? Why is this happening? Could it be because I am an independent and strong woman? He probably doesn't see the need to protect me. Perhaps it's her damsel-in-distress charade that attracts him, ' Amanda decided.

She then bit her lower lip to hold back her rage. Eventually, she gave up and began to kick the sofa like a lunatic. Unexpectedly, she kicked at the hardest part of the sofa which brought an excruciating pain on her foot.

She sat down at once as she was in great agony. Then she took off her shoes in order to examine the

, they are my new neighbors. Probably a newly married couple, ' Rufus thought and tried to bring his focus back to the cigarette.

He was a little away from them, so he wasn't able to get a glimpse of their faces. However, the happy atmosphere they created was palpable.

He couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth and smiling. Even though they didn't spot his presence, he felt involved and grateful towards the positive vibe they emitted. 'There is something enchanting about that woman's laughter. Just hearing it has lifted my spirit, ' he thought with gratitude.

There was a part of him that wanted to step closer to them. But in the end, he decided against it.

'They are pleased with their life, whereas I am just an unhappy man. Why should I intrude and interrupt their happy moment?' he reasoned and stopped himself from approaching them.

With his mind made up, Rufus stayed where he was standing. He couldn't bring himself to enter the house.

Listening to Amanda's vain attempts him would only annoy him.

Here he could reflect on his life peacefully. He thought back to the wonderful days he had spent with Cassandra. Back then he had dreamed of a happy life ever after with her. However, now his dreams had to remain unfulfilled.

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