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   Chapter 337 The Piano Music

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Clark's story was empathetic. Cassandra could feel his pain after listening to his story. She saw how his eyes were hazed with sorrow in the dim light. She didn't know what to do or say to comfort him.

"Two years later, my mother was gone. Today marks another year of her death. I think of my mother this day every single year. My mind is always flooded with those terrible, painful memories that I can't help myself but feel so hurt. I despise my father. He wasn't a good father, nor was he a good husband. All he had with him was his career and his endless string of women. He barely showed that he cared for us."

Clark's eyes closed as he tried to power through his story. His father was always a delicate topic to him.

He hated his father. He hated his own blood. His father was unreasonable and delirious. He treated his own company better than he did his family. And even after all of that, he decided to hand over the Dark Night Group to someone who wasn't even his son! That was absolutely unacceptable.

Clark would never allow that to happen in his lifetime, not only to avenge himself, but also for his mother who had died miserably.

The word 'father' was absurd to him. He couldn't pin the title on that man who had never treated them like family. Moreover, he hardly cared about his own son in the group. Clark never enjoyed any privilege as the son of the boss in Dark Night Group, which added his hatred towards his father more.

Clark hated how his father treated Rufus even more of a son than him. Surely, he admitted that Rufus was more skilled and talented, but that shouldn't be the only reason why his father treasured him.

Clark slowly realized that blood relationships never mattered to his father. In his mind, power and strength were viably more important than family.

Clark had to admit, those two qualities were pretty formidable on their own. Power and strength were extremely valuable assets to have when living in business.

But now that he had both, he realized that his father lacked something else. He lacked the drive, and Clark had all the hatred in the world to drive him.

Did Rufus really think he was safe as long as he left Dark Night Group? Did he think he was safe just because he made TY Group? Ridiculous!

Clark's hatred was born out of despising Rufus his entire life. He was his lifelong nemesis.

'I have to ruin him. I have to ruin him!'

A strong voice would whisper at the back of Clark's mind. He swore to himself, a long time ago, that he would take back everything his father gave to Rufus. He would make Rufus come falling down on knees and begging him.

'Rufus...I have your most precious possession right here beside me. She doesn't know anything.

I wonder what you'd do if she falls in love with me? I want to see your pain, Rufus. Would you be able to fall asleep at night, knowing I have he

ough he was in the living room with Amanda, Rufus was absentmindedly staring at the piano. He wasn't paying attention to her practice at all.

"It's nothing. Just focus on your music, please,"

Rufus replied and frowned, not wanting to be paid attention to.

He had no other place to go. It was either here or back to the Tang mansion. He thought he could have some piece of mind here, but Amanda wouldn't allow him to enjoy his solitude.

Amanda clicked her tongue, angry at his response. She kicked the chair as she stood, walking over to sit beside him. When she reached for his arm, he quickly shrugged her away. She started to grow afraid that he might leave her soon.

"Rufus. I don't know how many memories I've lost, but it's also like I've lost your heart,"

Amanda said sadly, sorrow in her eyes.

"Don't worry about it. You'll remember everything one day. Are you going to the doctor on time? It will help you a lot,"

Rufus replied flatly. Amanda wrapped her arms around his again, firmer this time. She had been doing that a lot since she lost her memories.

"Are you this desperate for me to remember everything? Because if I do, you wouldn't have to stay with me anymore? Is that what you want?"

Amanda replied bitterly. Her eyes were starting to redden, from both anger and disappointment.

"We'll talk about it once you've recovered,"

he said finally, before shoving her arms away from him. Rufus was extremely annoyed by Amanda. He felt guilty for her because she had the car accident because of him, more or less. So he had to look after her, no matter as a friend, or for her father's sake. However, he only wished he could escape her.

He stood from the couch, walking away. Once she remembered everything, Amanda would be reminded that he no longer loved her. Rufus hoped that one day, she would be able to see that he only had his heart for one woman—Cassandra Qin.

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