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   Chapter 336 A Painful Childhood

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9707

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After dinner, Cassandra and Edith walked to the sofa. Cassandra clung to Edith's arm like she was a little girl again. They settled down between the soft cushions and decided to watch a TV drama.

But it turned out that the show was quite long and tedious to watch. You could tell how it would end right at the beginning, a predictable love story. Soon, Cassandra lost interest.

She understood life was much more complicated than drama. Things didn't always have a happy ending, unlike the movies.

Edith, however, was completely indulged. Cassandra didn't want to interrupt her gaze stuck to the television, so she decided to get up quietly and walk out.

She walked to the courtyard. The cool breeze hit her face, almost making her shiver. She wrapped her hands around her shoulders, unwilling to go back in to fetch a jacket.

They had moved in here for quite some time. She always remained cautious of who was coming in and going out, lest she would bump into Rufus who lived right next door.

But soon, she realized Rufus seldom came to that mansion. Most of the time, it was only Amanda who occupied it.

Thinking about her, she forced a smile, not knowing why it still upset and frustrated her.

How easy it was for men to move on and start a new relationship! Unlike Rufus, Cassandra was still recovering from the break-up. It was very hard for her to move on. She wasn't even ready to meet new people yet, let alone be in a new relationship.

A car drove by the front gate, at which she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts. Cautious, she hid behind one of the columns.

Her eyes followed the car driving into the yard next door. She saw a familiar figure stepping out of the car, her eyes widening.

Who else could it...but Rufus! He looked tall and strong, as charming as she remembered him. Even from a distance, he exerted the same charisma.

She heard Amanda screaming in excitement the moment he entered the mansion. She must have been surprised to see him, judging from the sound.

That upset Cassandra even more.

'Well, I made the right decision, after all. Earlier, I wasn't sure whether you and Amanda were seeing each other. Yet, I chose to trust you again and again, until eventually, you just broke my heart.

Now I see what was happening with my own eyes. Actions speak louder than words.

I used to think Garden Villa was an alternate place for you to live in. As it turns out, it's just a place to hide your mistress.

Oh, I've been so stupid, ' Cassandra thought to herself.

Depressed, she turned around to walk back to the mansion. But another car drove into her own yard.

It was Clark. Turning the key in the ignition, he got out of the car and walked toward Cassandra.

"It's so cold out here. Why don't you put on a jacket?"

Clark was genuinely concerned about Cassandra. Without thinking twice, he took off his own jacket and put it o

I would never have paid attention to any of these things."

His eyebrows pressed together as he painfully recollected olden times.

He went quiet for a while, then sighed deeply, and continued,"Then, I started to stalk my father. Soon, I found out he had affairs with numerous women. He frequently spent his nights with different women. In a month, he would at most spend a week at home with us. Only when he was home would my mother cease to cry. Those days, she got up with a happy mood."

Clark smiled from the corner of his lips, thinking about his mother's smile.

"And then one of those days, a pregnant woman came to visit my mother. She sobbed madly, saying she didn't want the baby, and she wanted help. My mother remained calm and took the woman to the hospital to get an abortion. She gave her some money and asked her to leave and take care of herself. In a few days my father found out about this. He was furious, and scolded my mother in front of all the servants. He asked my mother to mind her own business, or he would kick her out."

One could see how bitterly he felt about his father by the way he talked about him.

"That was the first time I saw my parents fight. From then, a cold war broke out between them. They always ignored each other and wouldn't talk at all. And I was caught in the middle. Of course, I couldn't avoid them and yet I could do nothing to improve their relationship. I once asked my father to spend more time with my mother. Impatiently, he said he was too busy to care about her. So I told my mother that I missed my father and asked her to call him. She just hugged me and started to cry silently. In that moment, I knew I had lost my parents and my family."

Clark closed his eyes painfully. Every time he brought this up, his heart clenched and broke into pieces. But every time, he would mend his heart, telling himself it was all in the past. And yet, the cracks remained.

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